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5 Examples Of Sustainable Material Trends, part I

5 Examples Of Sustainable Material Trends | Eclectic. Trends

Today we’d like to introduce a selection of sustainable and resource efficient ideas within a selection of disruptive materials that will be included in our first part of 5 Examples of Sustainable Material Trends. You might have seen that I had been lecturing a few days ago at the Interzum show in Cologne (Germany) where a comprehensive material exhibition curated by Haute Innovation draw my attention. It was great to recognize quite some materiales we already knew, had previously researched,  blogged about and learn about many new ones, too.

The interesting part about interior design now is not the design in itself only, but there is a shift and design is very much influenced by new materials which are today’s main drivers of product innovation.”
Eclectic Trends


Please see today about five projects that are all food and plant based:




In many cities, chewing gum is just as much nuisance as cigarette ends. In the Netherland, more than 1,5 million kg of chewing gum are scraped from roads and pavements every year. Together with the recycling company Gumdrop Ltd from London. the marketing department of the city of Amsterdam has presented a sneaker with a outer sole  made entirely of recycled old chewing gum.

For the first 500 pairs of Gum Shoe, 250 kg of chewing gum mass were melted and moulded to make outer soles.

5 Examples Of Sustainable Material Trends | Eclectic. Trends

5 Examples Sustainable Materials Trend


This project by Tessa Silva-Dawson explores methods of processing the protein(casein) extracted from cow’s milk as an alternative to oil-based polymers, utilizing surplus milk from the UK dairy industry to produce objects. Primarily, an in-depth investigation, the project champions a hands-on approach to designing, whilst promoting the consumption of more sustainable products and supporting a local economy.

Objects designed include a collection of tableware, tabletops, and vases, demonstrating a crafted, small-scale approach to working with the material.

5 Examples of Sustainable Materials Trend

5 Examples of Sustainable Materials Trend





Indigo is an acoustic spatial structure the maps Taiwan’s culture treasures. Studio Flær‘s design si a tribute to the cultural heritage the has emerged in everyday objects. Local patterns, traditions and customs are translated  into sound-absorbing panels of 100 % organic banana and mulberry fibers. The indigo plant gives the panels their color and brings the blue sky into the interior. Bamboo forms the simple framing that turns the structure into a featherweight.

5 Examples Sustainable Materials Trend

5 Examples Sustainable Materials Trend

4// HALO

Halo is a stackable chair with a biological seat pan and supporting construction made from steel. The hemp and casein based sandwich-material have been developed  for the research project Organico. The chair concept has been created to showcase the strength and possibilities of this leightweight material. Philipp Hanke  won the 2nd prize of this year’s Salone Satellite Award in Milan.

5 Examples of Sustainable Materials Trend



The palm leather filigree rug is made of palm leather, a leather-like material that comes from the fibers of Areca Betel Nut Palm which grows in India. The rug consists of strips of palm leather, applied upright to a base material or rolled up to form tiles. The durable carpets and rugs are suitable for any living space. In addition to its ecological benefits, palm leather also offers considerable local benefits.

Designer Tjeerd Veenhoven started up a social business in India and Dominican Republic with local artisans. With the softenend leaves, the artisans produce products for local and international markets as part of a business model that helps to pull them from the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’.

5 Examples Of Sustainable Material Trends | Eclectic. Trends

5 Examples Of Sustainable Material Trends | Eclectic. Trends

Sustainable Material Trends are not only on vogue, but dear to our heart here at Eclectic Trends, and as you can see, the title contains a ‘part I’, meaning we will share more information over here soon.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to take a further peek into Green Design, see our in-depth study here.


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