5 Heimtextil Trends 2019/20 To Watch

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

The much expected 5 Heimtextil Trends for 2019/2020 have recently been published. With “Toward Utopia”, the global renown textile fair Heimtextil is setting the course for the new trend season that was presented in September by the brilliant London-based studio FranklinTill (we are big fans over here). In addition to the British trend team, trend researchers from the Stijlinstituut Amsterdam and  SPOTT Trends & Business also participated in the forecast for perspective-related interior design, which applies globally.

The Heimtextil trends 2019/2020 describe a world in which we live according to new standards.


The 21st century presents us with diverse challenges, with the mega topic, sustainability, continuing to occupy our minds. In response, we look for ways toward a new utopia – a society that respects every single person and their environment, and builds on individual responsibility, positive actions and optimism.
Trend Table


These are the 5 color and corresponding design directions to watch:


We have been discussing how the key concepts of playfulness, tactile interaction and experimentation have become increasingly important in our everyday life. They are the human response to the uniformity and automation we are submitted in our everyday life by technology and the bigger systems. There is growing need in society of “writing our own story”, in order to open our mind to a more intuitive interaction with the world around us.


Komt Goed by Jasmijn Muskens. Photography Katarina Juric


Emerald city by Zhou Siwei


Walala X Play by Camille Walala for Now Gallery. Photography Charles Emerson


Blowing series by Sung Ji Yang

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Lego house by Big Architects

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Abstract shapes are combined with powerful primary colors to create a joyful, childhood-inspired reality where we can freely create and take pleasure for the process.

Pursue Play satisfies our need for optimism, escapism and creativity with playful activities. It helps us to find meaning in the midst of chaos. Designers are focusing on uninhibited, tactile interactions and experiments. Bold and daring designs for products, interior spaces and fashion are enlivened with a touch of humour.


If you are regular reader, you have noticed, we always work with keywords for our trends to give a few core messages that are easy to remember. If we had to translate the information in our own keywords (please note, these are not given by Heimtextil), these would be:



Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019


Less but better is the new mantra. Simple, elegant, reductionist, but in no way cold: such is the furniture that emerges – with subdued colors, yet anything but boring. ‘Smart‘ design becomes relaxing for eyes and body alike.

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Perfettamente Imperfetto by Dimore Studio

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

ABCD chair by Faye Toogood for Takeyari

The British design studio Faye Toogood has created the ABCD chair for Takeyari. This piece of furniture reveals itself to be restrained as far as colors are concerned but multifaceted when it comes to forms and shapes. With its easy-to-use mechanism, the chair can be quickly transformed into a sofa. The cushions are upholstered in a hard-wearing and durable canvas, manufactured by the Japanese label since 1888.

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Nokia Withings Sleep

Withings Sleep by Nokia offers sleep cycles analysis (deep, light and REM), heart rate tracking and snore detection. Easy one-time setup and automatic sync to the Health Mate app via Wi-Fi. Also features IFTTT integration for scenarios such as dimming lights when it is time to go to bed, or turning up the thermostat when it is time to get up.

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

A place by Thisispaper Studio

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Rope light by Verena Henning for Akktem

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Apple Store Singapore

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

In Seek Sanctuary, the quest for peace and quiet goes on in the midst of noise in our hyper connected lives. Urban serve oases as a source of relaxation and clarity. Possessing more and more material things is no longer perceived to guarantee happiness. Essentialism does not, however, mean the categorical rejection of products – it’s about the appreciation of design pieces and concepts that are clearly defined, functional and high quality.

The combination of a minimalist color palette with carefully selected structural details, curvy shapes and upholstery gives rise to comfort and warmth.


The keywords inspired by Seek Sanctuary are:



Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019


In the search for a new closeness to nature, we experience things that go beyond daily routine. It’s an attempt to get back to our roots, to be inventive and active, and to gain cross-border experiences. The designs are focused on the technical aspects of outdoor textiles and work clothing. They presuppose utilitarian aesthetics and promise durability and functionality.

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Ecocapsule Holding

Ecocapsule  is a smart, self-sustainable micro-home, which utilizes solar and wind energy. It allows to stay in remote places out of reach of infrastructure, with the luxury of a hotel room. It can serve as a cottage, pop-up hotel, caravan, mobile office, research station, or anything you want it to be.


Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Pyro Fade Original Puffy by Rumpl

The Rumpl Puffy Blanket uses the same technical materials found in premium sleeping bags and insulated puffy jackets. Whether indoors or outside, the Puffy blanket is designed to provide optimal warmth in any environment. Utilizing a weather-resistant 20D ripstop nylon shell with DWR treatment, the blanket resists water, dirt, odor, pet hair, and other debris. The Puffy fits easily in an included stuff sack for quick storage or taking on the go.


Ultraframe Collection by Um Project

The Brooklyn furniture brand UM Project provides, in the Ultraframe Collection, a number of ideas for bringing together high-tech materials and nature. The UM Project has produced a collection of fantastical storage cupboards made from plastic sheathing, knitted textiles and poured concrete. Some have a clear apparent use – a cupboard, a chest of drawers – but the precise function of other pieces allows plenty of room for interpretation. The design and manufacturing process derive from traditional furniture-making, with elements from architectural and transport design, such as air and space travel, as well as from motor-vehicle manufacture and shipbuilding, where flexible skins or hard shells are applied to various technical structures. The result is both familiar and other-worldly.


Familiar Ground by Visser & Meijwaard. Photography by Masha Bakker

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Sienna Rug by Hella Jongerius for Kvadrat   

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Go Off-Grid color palette is based on a mix of earth and green tones as a clear reference to the natural theme of the trend. A cold grey counterbalance the palette and add a tech, more contemporary touch. Colors and patterns inspired by nature celebrate the supposed “imperfection” of the natural.


Go Off-Grid could be summarized with the following keywords:



Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019


Escape Reality refers to a new utopia based both in the digital and the real world. While boundaries between imagination and reality blur because if the evolution of virtual and augmented reality technology, people find themselves escaping into futuristic world. They engage with a technology that enables them to have a deeper, more sustainable experience in daily life. The result is digital tactility.


Hidden Senses by Sony 


Second Nature, Hidden Layers by Field

Designers continue to pursue the notion of ‘digital tangibility’ in projects such as ‘Fields Second Nature: Hidden Layer’. This short film investigates what it might be like to be a human in an ‘augmented reality’ and to ask questions about identity in a future of synthetic realities. The film invites us, not only to observe the female protagonist, but to look at things from her perspective. Retailers try to attract the attention of consumers and seek opportunities to make their brands come alive in digital space – which is where customers first make contact with products.


Another Plaid by buro Belén  

The almost other-worldly pattern of ‘Another Plaid’ by buro Belén, in cooperation with Textiellab and Rubia, creates intuitive, emotional and physical design moments all at once. It is one of the many products embodying a vision of hitherto unimagined uses of materials and colour, whilst, at the same time, requiring traditional old-fashioned techniques and technologies. Here a single spool of wool is used to produce the throw. This not only saves water, it also creates new color gradations which produce some exciting effects.


Guise by Odd Matter for Nilufar Gallery

With their ‘Guise’ project for the Nilufar Gallery, the Amsterdam design studio Odd Matter will be offering possible ways of experimenting with the color and texture of surfaces. These items of furniture appear both unreal and real at the same time; they are made from sculpted rigid foam, which is covered either in iridescent car paint or given a traditional artificially marbled finish using a technique called ‘scagliola’.


Solon by Martens&Visser

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

The interaction with technology, which makes possible more in-depth and lasting experiences in our day-to-day lives, is also capable of creating digital tangibility. The first examples of this development are mostly to be found in film design.

Shimmering, iridescent surfaces have a transformative and optimistic quality, are transformed by movement and create a fleeting, intangible form of motion. Mother-of-pearl effects and high gloss create a unique dynamic in designs that seem to achieve the impossible by appearing fluid and in suspension as a solid form that could literally dissolve at any time. Ethereal combinations of light pastel shades create a surrealistic, hyper-real mood.






In a modern age marked by uncertainty, we look back through rose-tinted glasses to earlier epochs, remember the comfort of the good old days, long for security and surround ourselves with a calm, inviting aesthetic. Pure opulence is out of date – the ‘new luxury’ celebrates craft techniques, together with intimacy and tactile immediacy, through clever contrasts in the materials.

With Embrace Indulgence, a modernist style and solid craftsmanship combine to form a utopian vision of the future of luxury.

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Omar’s Place by Sella Concept. Photography by Nicholas Worley

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Rotazioni carpet by Patricia Urquiola for CC Tapis

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Chez Nina by India Mahdavi for Nilufar Gallery

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Console by Rudolph Parente for Pouenat. Photography by Francis Amiand

A designer of exceptional pieces, Rodolphe Pourente has designed for French manufacturers, Pouenat, a select and unusual limited edition in a modern, Art Deco style. The engraving, carving and the precision and finesse generated by Pouenat’s savoir-faire allows each piece to be shaped with either an elementary or deconstructed method, employed to cope with surfaces that are difficult to work and to enable the material to express itself.

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Leo’s, The Art Club by Dimore Studio. Photography by Paola Pansini

Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

Cleverly combined, honest materials, creatively implemented ideas and simple opulence form a new kind of comfort as well as give rise to intimacy and a sense of tangibleness.




Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

If you are interested in seeing more and even compare, you can check Heimtextil last year trends here.

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