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5 Pinterest Trends for 2024 (our selection)

5 Pinterest Trends 2024-Aquatecture

We have picked 5 Pinterest Trends 2024 to share amidst a total of 23 themes considering the bigger picture of Neo Ecology, Urbanization, and Well-Being, which are our core themes at Eclectic Trends.

482 million people use Pinterest to plan what’s next in their lives: their next home, their next meal, their next trip. This gives Pinterest unique insight into the future—what’s going to be really big, really soon. Pinterest Predicts is a not-yet-trending report that shares emerging trends for the coming year. It’s a guide to what people will browse, try and buy next. Before you see it everywhere, see it here.

Please don’t identify the Pinterest hero images as the only representations of the trend. Once you dive into their boards for each trend, you’ll notice that there is much room for other styles.


Rest Stops

This resonates a lot. Instead of visiting as much as possible, my goal for 2024 during the holidays is to relax and visit fewer places. You can always come back for more. Pinterest says:

Booked and, aaahh, not so busy. This year, people will plan trips that take it extra slow—and help them catch up on some solid shuteye. Gen Z and Millennials will retreat to laid-back locales that offer the opposite of a jam-packed itinerar—fewerr nights out on the town, more lazy mornings in bed. In 2024, there’ll be no shame in your slowcation game.

Staycation hotel +70%

Solo travelling +145%

Slow life +60%

Digital detox challenge

ASMR sleep +165%

5-Pinterest-Trends 2024-Rest-Stop

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Give a Scrap

Maybe 2024 is the year when Upcycling will be used in a more conscious context. Upcycle and Recycle involve different processes. Here is a quick reminder:

Recycling involves the destruction of wastetoo create something new. Waste is recollected (plastics, glass, paper, etc.), sorted into types, broken down, and used to create new materials. Upcycling takes waste andmakess something new from it in its current state.

Pinterest says:

One person’s throwaways are another person’s treat. Upcycling will be in for 2024. Boomers and Gen X will transform basic tees into unique-to-me fits with whatever snips and shreds they can find. And they’ll lean into food sustainability by making the most of that leftover dough at the back of the fridge. Whatever you do, just doughn’t waste it.

Small scrap wood projects DIY +1,220%

Starter leftover recipes +165%

Craftwork with waste material +140%

Zero-waste sewing patterns +80% S

crap quilts patterns leftover fabric +80%

See the Pinterest board. The hero image is a bit special; the board is attractive; give it a try! You can find several home goods with a clear signal of how upcoming collections can look with patch aesthetics.

Image courtesy of Pinterest



Anything relating to water is a big theme in the trend industry and is closely related to the Macro Trend Neo Ecology. We love to see how people combine the idea of being surrounded by water and animals. Let’s hope these water vessels are all animal-friendly :) Pinterest says:

It’s time to trade up the fish bowl. This year, Gen X and Millennials will become undersea gardeners and commit to ‘small aquarium designs’ and over-the-top ‘turtle terrariums’. In 2024, aquatic architecture will be the hot new way to style a home. Your guppies will be living large.

Small aquarium design +245%

Fish tank theme ideas +410%

Turtle terrarium ideas +135%

Planted fish bowl +95%

Bioactive vivarium +85%

See the Pinterest board.

5 Pinterest Trends 2024-Aquatecture

Image courtesy of Pinterest



Don’t give the official Pinterest image here too much credit. Once you jump on their board, you’ll see it’s not much of a kitsch, but many of the pinned aesthetics will sound familiar from the past two years. Maximalism and Minimalism have been living in parallel universes since 2021. We wonder how Kitsch will look like in kitchens, it’s an interesting theme we haven’t spotted yet so much. Pinterest says:

They say the party always moves to the kitchen. But sometimes, the kitchen is the party. This year, Gen X and Boomers will spruce up their cooking areas with thrifted finds, vintage appliances, and jarring pops of paint. No minimalist aesthetic is safe.

Eclectic kitchen décor +50%

Kitschy kitchen +75%

Green kitchen paint +55%

Eccentric kitchen +160%

Retro pink kitchens +40%

See the Pinterest board.


5-Pinterest-Trends 2024-Kitschens

Image courtesy of Pinterest


Hot Metals

We would rename this Pinterest theme and advocate for White Metals, a metal trend widely observed during 2023 at the Salone del Mobile, Dutch Design Week, and Design Miami. Colder metals are back after a long stretch of warmer tones in the metal industry. Pinterest says:

Cool silver tones and bold chrome are resonating right now. Melty metallics will make their way into the mainstream in 2024 as people trade their trusty neutrals for something more hardcore. Gen Z and Millennials are driving this heavy metal aesthetic.

Nail art metallic +295%

Aluminum furniture +45%

Silver necklaces layered +50%

Aluminum door design +70%

Metal corset +35%.

See the Pinterest board.

5 Pinterest Trends 2024-Hot Metals

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Big Talk

We started at home using icebreaker cards when we invited friends over to dinner to start bringing a different spin to the table. You never get the answer you expected:)

Pinterest says:

2024 will be all about forging 
deeper connections. Gen Z and Millennials will drive this trend, searching for new conversation starters and intimate questions to help couples reconnect.

Questions for couples to reconnect +480%

Hot seat questions +825%

Deep conversation starters +185%

Emotional intimacy +40%

Deep questions to ask friends +85%

See the Pinterest board.

5-Pinterest-Trends 2024-Big Talk

Image courtesy of Pantone

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