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5 Top Kitchen Design Trends 2016

5 kitchen trends-furniture style cabinetry-Eclectic Trends

Good morning! I am back with a kitchen trends post I had been writing for a dear client which I’d love to share with you, too. When researching kitchen trends, you’ll be surprised how popular this topic is. One day I received overnight a massive fellowship on my kitchen board on Pinterest (1000 people in 24 hours!) without knowing where that would come from. A pity you can’t track it back. Obviously, someone recommended that board which made me being more conscious about kitchen trends, too.

As a result, here go five trends you might want to be aware of if you need/want a kitchen make over:


Ok, we all know that the kitchen has become a space where family and friends gather; the fact a kitchen is used as a functional area for food and cooking could almost be considered as a side effect. Kind of. It’s a treasured space where we pretty much start and finish our day and not necessarily has to be an own room but is integrated in our living area.
5 kitchen trends-furniture style cabinetry-Eclectic Trends

Lerkenfeldt Photography

5 kitchen trends-furniture style cabinetry-Eclectic Trends

Kitchen KORA by Cesar Arredamenti

5 kitchen trends-furniture style cabinetry-Eclectic Trends


Brands such as Italian company Lago are known for their modular systems evolving into multi-functional spaces, and this is how many kitchens feel today. You could imagine the exact same design in any other room. They come in muted and often soft colors but color palettes are really suitable to many tastes and styles.

The workstation concept has been replaced by modern sleek cabinetry which can be individually build up according to space, needs and personal style.


Yes, metallics are everywhere you look at: fashion, interiors, graphic design, architecture, textiles, food (check the last mood board workshop review where figs were presented in a beautiful eatable golden layer).

Yellow metals in shiny finishing or matt brushed brass are the current look to go for if you fancy some statement in your kitchen.

5 kitchen trends-furniture style cabinetry-Eclectic Trends

Fiona Lynch

5 kitchen trends-furniture style cabinetry-Eclectic Trends

Claesson Koivisto Rune architects

5 kitchen trends-furniture style cabinetry-Eclectic Trends


Yellow metallics add warmth and replace colder stainless steels effects we had seen for the past years. They go with any colour palette providing a gleaming finish and stunning accent. Just make sure you use metallics rather as an accent, to make it easy to get replaced if you are not a 100% sure after some time.


That’s probably me favorite feature. Styling has become an interesting aspect in any area of our homes. Open shelving allows as a practical solution where you can always display any object of your choice. Hanging plants are particularly popular as a way to bring the nature in and create a more vivid space.

5 kitchen trends-Eclectic Trends

Interiors Atelier AM

5 kitchen trends-open shelving-Eclectic Trends for BOEN-3

Kara Rosenlund

5 kitchen trends-Eclectic Trends

Scott Jarrell and Kristan Cunningham

Personalizing shelves produces a more lived-in-feel to your kitchen. It might be important then not having your shelves too cluttered and place your most-used items on a reasonable height.


Personally speaking, I am very happy the ceramics industry lives a kind of revival showing us many different yet complimentary designs for walls and flooring. The right backsplash behind or underneath an open shelving adds a finished look to these untraditional open spaces. It’s a perfect opportunity to add some color or a modern design element.

5 kitchen trends-TILES-Eclectic Trends

Popham design tiles

5 kitchen trends-TILES-Eclectic Trends

Heather Heron

5 kitchen trends-TILES-Eclectic Trends

Justina Blakeney

When used on the floor, we have been observing for the past two years, many options of combining wood and tiles separating the kitchen space as if it was placed on a ceramics rug (first pic). I don’t know how complicated the installation is but I do see different shops and restaurants here in Barcelona already using this two-materials technique.


Wood cabinet doors often have a rough structure inviting to touch. This kitchen trend shows a clear move towards textured and tactile surfaces which will win over smooth and glossy finishes. It’s about touching wood feeling a rather unaltered quality that makes us feel more connected or grounded when processing food.

5 kitchen trends-rough wood-Eclectic Trends

Officina della Materia

5 kitchen trends-rough wood-Eclectic Trends

Kobenhavns Mobelsnedkeri

5 kitchen trends-rough wood-Eclectic Trends


We talk raw nature, often contrasted with colder materials and colors. Warm meets cold or raw meets sophisticated – it’s all about creating opposites and interest.

If you are interested in more kitchen inspiration, I wrote about the Black Kitchen Trend a while ago. And from a styling perspective, this kitchen shooting was the best I have ever seen.

So, which is your favorite trend here and have you adopted any already? G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. You selected such wonderful kitchen examples. I can’t even decide which one I like the best. I want now 10 kitchens. Well done!

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