6 Examples of 3D Wall Decor

6 examples of 3D Wall Decor-Eclectic Trends

In the past weeks we have stumbled over more and more images on 3D wall decor and all this has taken us back to a Trend we presented a few months ago. Do you remember a few key slides we have shown you from the visual presentation that was put together by WGSN ?

It was called Past Modern and was showing us how the past and future elements can merge in unexpected and yet beautiful ways. This Trend of ‚Past Modern’ can be roughly summed up as a trend, that was showing how ancient symbols are brought into a modern context by using modern technologies such as 3D printing.

Now you might ask: what are the ancient references, that are adapted and reinterpreted in this trend of 3D walls? Just think of antique reliefs or plastering on walls and ceilings that you can find in french châteaus. Of course these might be not up to date in some interiors and we love how these old references are brought into contemporary interiors. Traditional wall plastering are broken up into modern geometric structures, the walls become gorgeous abstract pieces of art themselves.

6 examples of 3D Wall Decor-Eclectic Trends

Kelly Wearstler

6 examples of 3D Wall Decor-Eclectic Trends

Fritz Hansen

6 examples of 3D Wall Decor-Eclectic Trends

Anastasia Benko

6 examples of 3D Wall Decor-Eclectic Trends

Kim van Rossenberg Styling, Sjoerd Eickman Photography

6 examples of 3D Wall Decor-Eclectic Trends


6 examples of 3D Wall Decor-Eclectic Trends

Herz und Blut

When thinking of interiors, you might think that the main element to a room is the furniture – but walls and their quality can make a massive impact on a room too. Today we show you how interior stylists and artists apply this trend in interiors, be it with wood, paper, artistic installations or even tiles. All kinds of different technologies are used to create new ways of experiencing a room.

3D walls give structure to a smooth wall, with their concave and convex surface they visually pull the viewer towards itself. 3D walls are all about a subtle impact, they engage with the audience and communicate a message. A message of a visual tale – as the eye always wanders around to find new spots on the wall that is interesting.
Whether it is a small pice of 3D art on a wall or a completely covered wall, we like the intriguing twist it gives a room. G, x

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