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6 examples of the Tactility Trend – Milan Design Week

Tactility Trend-6 examples-Eclectic Trends

We have been talking a lot over here on the Tactility Trend giving you several examples in former posts. In fact, it’s the concept I explain most when working with corporate clients who want to develop new collections.

As Li Edelkoort puts it:

“Super technology asks for super tactility.”

Today we’d like to show you one group exhibition by students from VIAs furniture design education (Denmark) who exhibited their furnitures at Milan Design Week 2016.

Basically every single object at this group exhibition relates to the need of feeling textures again and run our fingertips over non-digital surfaces.

Tactility Trend-5 great examples-Eclectic Trends

VIA was not the only school who took ‘Tactility‘ as a Leitmotiv this year which just confirms how relevant the trend is. Surface design asks for textures, materials that invite to touch and connect with the audience. We ask for a sensory experience in a world of smooth digital surfaces where an average user picks up just the phone 85 times a day.

Tactility-Trend-Isabella-Bergstroem-Eclectic Trends

Rubber Rest by Isabella Bergstrøm

Rubber Rest is a handmade hammock and consists of a rubber-braided body. It’s unique because of its elasticity and tactility, the fringes (with a strong connections to the Fashion world) add lightness and a soothing feeling to the hammock. The Rubber Rest will adjust to your body shape and weight, and has been created to make us feel comfortable and relaxed in a sometimes stressful life. Who could not relate here?

 Tactility Trend - Therese dDamkjaer-Eclectic Trends

Gro by Therese Damkjær

The Gro bench is inspired by mushrooms and their propagation. The many tactile and removable dot soften the cold, graphic,
metal construction of the bench and allow the customer to create his/her own visual expression. The fascinating world of mushroom, fungus and microorganisms is a recurring theme among designers lately (and one of the topics I mention in the Salone 16 report).

Tactility Trend-Sara-Gotfredsen-Eclectic Trends

Frame By You by Sara Held Gotfredsen

Frame By You has been designed as a partition wall that can separate a small flat. Produced with a thin frame, the user is supposed to interact and dress panels of delicate fabric, transparent patterned acrylic, or any other options that might be useful or pretty. The main goal was to be a fun and functional piece of furniture.

Tactility Trend-Cecile Brock Johnsen-Eclectic Trends

String Light Cecilie Brock Johnsen

With String Light, a game is played between the simplicity of the wood frame and form, and the tangle of the nylon strings. The light is inspired by the combination of a tennis racket and a music harp. The eternal glow in the lamp is being constantly captured and creates a special light depending on your view.

WHAT YOU NEED In a world where people sometimes just need to rest, I have created a mattress, with a firm touch, and the possibility of taking it apart, and putting it back together, in anyway you need. It lets you experience the feeling of safety and a rest, in situations that can be difficult.

What You Need by Rikke Egebæk

In a world where people sometimes just need to rest, Rikke has created a mattress, with a firm touch, the possibility of taking it apart, and putting it back together, in any way someone might need. It lets you experience the feeling of safety and a rest, and probably get some massage, too?? Wouldn’t you just love to test it straight away?

Tactility Trend-Adela-Hatic-Eclectic Trends

Neptune by Adela Hatic

Neptune is a speaker that adds an extra dimension to the music experience. It makes listening to music not just
with an emotional feeling but a physical one as well. Neptune is covered only by foam that helps create deep vibrations from the bass, making it an experience to both touch and feel the music.

We often live in overly smooth and polished environments and yet humans have an instinctive desire to gather information through the physical world.  The objective is to be in touch with haptic interior surfaces that simulate the diversity of nature but without being necessarily natural materials. Innovative textiles include silicone and plastics , too. G, x

PD: If you are interested in more information about the Tactility Trend and  Salone 16, please check our complete report and workbook we have launched packed with more of 150 pages of inspirational and useful information.


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