Earth Color Trend – Interior Design Trend Autumn/Winter 2016/17

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This is one my favorite color trends posts I have worked on the past years. I really love the palette and everything that refers to its origin and philosophy. And it's the one I have most worked with in workshops and product consulting, too. For 2015 the two major color forecast companies Pantone and AkzoNobel had predicted a color with a …

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3 Color Trends 2021 from Brazil

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We have shared color trends from paint companies for several years now, but paint company Suvinil was not on our radar until now. Color consultant Michell Lott has been in charge of the creative direction, and being a huge fan of his work; we're happy to share today 3 Brazilian Color Trends 2021 and its palette of 38 colors. Colors as …

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4 Color Trends 2021 By Jotun

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Jotun's annual color palettes are one of the biggest hits here on Eclectic Trends, and the new palette of  4 color trends 2021 is very much in line with their color philosophy of warmth and timelessness the brand conveys. As in previous years, the creative duo Kråkvik and D’Orazio have been in charge of the styling session teaming up with photographer …

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Brave Ground – Color Of The Year 2021 By Dulux

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The season of paint color trends for next year starts as per today with the first Color Of The Year 2021 by Dulux who presents Brave Ground. Think of the feeling of being surrounded by clay, soil, or sand and the need for down-to-earth decisions and environments. Think of a timeless hue, easy to combine, one that makes you feel …

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Three Trend Signals On The Outdoor Design Horizon

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Those brands who have shared the experience say that retailers of furniture and home accessories saw unexpected results in the early days of the pandemic since people identified those corners and situations that needed to be improved while spending much time inside. Summer is now here and outdoor furniture has received more relevance since we stay at home.With staycation being the …

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Reading While Be In Touch With Heaven and Earth

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Based in Tapei (Taiwan), architecture firm Waterfrom Design spans the fields of residential, commercial, and public space design. The idea of the project below is built on presenting a tranquil, harmonious, and undisturbed dwelling place in a buzzing world. The concept of the project Reading Under The Lake is outlined with this statement:     The sales office building located in Xiamen (China) offers a …

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