When Interior Design Meets Fashion: The Bauhaus Influence

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Once again, we celebrate the magical fusion of industries with the series When Interior Design Meets Fashion: Bauhaus. Bauhaus's  100 anniversary since founded in 1919 was celebrated in several industries along 2019 and still influences us in 2020. German architect, Walter Gropius, started this school in Weimar (Germany), as a 360° art education center. It was possible to study graphic design, furniture, …

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When Interior Design meets Fashion: Topography 2.0

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We are back with our popular WIDMF series where we show the similarities between these two creative fields and how they nurture and complement each other covering today the intriguing colors and pattern Topography offers. For our Spanish readers, please see a second language option here. The Earth's surface with its shapes and details seen from the bird's eye view has been …

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When Interior Design Meets Fashion: Color Blocking

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When Interior Design meets Fashion covers Color Blocking today, a similarity we have seen on different occasion this year since the Salone del Mobile. Social Media may be a force for fast developments among those two disciplines, and certainly interior design is getting more relevance since instagramers use their platform to show their homes on a regular basis. Strong, clean, extravagant, …

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When Interior Design meets Fashion: The Fringes Trend

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Every of the past 70 decades had it’s own appeal towards fringes. The attraction with fringes and tassels started even before the fashionable stage outfits of Elvis Presley, had a prevalent presence in the 70ies, and conquered the last decades to become the epitome of Rock’n’Roll. The Fringes Trend is conquering the design scene. Observing trends, not only in interiors, but also …

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When Interior Design Meets Fashion: Denim Vibes

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When Interior Meets Fashion is a series (in case you just happen to read this post for the first time) that covers similarities between the Fashion and Interior Design world and shows how close they often get. Pepe Heykoop for Star |Matthew Dolan In one of our last posts  we mentioned one of the editorial rules we work by: Three times popping up the …

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When Interior Design meets Fashion: The Overgrown Trend

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Have you lately observed the melting effect? Objects and textiles seem to leave their usual frame and just exponentially grow. Both, interior design objects and fashion proposals show ample silhouettes I will share with you today some examples where both disciplines show a few common features: Christina Schou Christensen | Damian Foxe Photography Nanna Kiil | Xiao Li Alexandra Kehajoglou | Filhas de Gaia Charlotte …

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