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A beautiful apartment in north Spain

Spanish interior designer Mikel Irastorza has been in charge of this apartment in San Sebastian in the north of  Spain. I had the third picture on my Pinterest board and was posting about white and gold colour combinations already some month ago, and am happy to find the entire place. I like the combination of vintage with contemporary pieces. It fits all so nicely together.

Este piso proyectado por el interiorista español Mikel Irastorza  se encuentra en San Sebastian. He tenido la tercera imagen durante un tiempo ya en uno de mis boards de Pinterest  aprovechando para un post sobre la combinación blanco/oro, y estoy contenta de ver como encaja con el resto del piso. Me gusta la combinación de piezas vintage y otros más contemporáneos, la verdad es que se ha decorado todo con mucho gusto.

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. The mix of vintage and contemporary – you’ve got me there! What a stunning place. It’s interesting how he has all of the rooms painted in different colours, it’s rare to see that these days – or perhaps it’s coming back? Beautiful mix of old and new! Mel x

  2. I agreeeee! Lovely details and use of color. Eclectic but not all over the place. Nice harmony. It’s very Gudy, I’d say. Am I right?

    1. Interesting when someone describes your own style. Since I am in metamorphoses now, can’t tell you:-) yeah, probably some Gudy is in there..

  3. I extremely love the hanging lamps. They are so simple and give a sense of endless space on the longitude aspect.
    Interesting apt. and post as well.

    1. Yes, all lamps have a strong character. Have you noticed the wall lamps? One of the things I liked best too!

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