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A blogger styling competition in Copenhagen

Did you read about the BODIE and FOU pop event on the internet? Karine has been teaming up with Vipp and you can still visit them until this Saturday (24.05.) at their flagship store in Copenhagen. They have been working together on a new design and limited edition of the Vipp bin  honoring the ‘Love, Life and Family’ theme and  launching the new BODIE and FOU debut print collection  All I can say is that it looks fab.

After attending  The Hive, on Monday I took part in a blogger styling competition where each group of 3 bloggers was going to style a kitchen, bathroom and a table setting having 40 min per styling and photo shooting included at the Vipp flagship store. I teamed up with Hege and Zsuzsi and this is what we came up with having a ball:

VIPP kitchen 5vipp styling VIPP bath vipp stylingVIPP vignette 6vipp styling

‘Hand’ pic by panyiszusi

Since this is a competition, every like you give will count on the final result communicated next week. I have published some pictures on FB, IG and Google+. Thank you so much for supporting, I am very happy already with all the responses.

Vipp has published too a sum up of all IG pics, I think the all over result has been absolutely fantastic. Please hop over to my team mates too (Hege in France and panyizsuzsi)  and vote their images.

Now, competition or not, it’s been an interesting experience, great fun and lovely networking! And I have got to know a fascinating story about a family legacy thanks to Sofie Egelund who spend a lot of time sharing the Vipp legend with us. Quite a story!

How about some extra inspiration?

7 Responses

  1. I love the moody colors in your first setup. Unusual and unexpected for a kitchen and those macarons are such a (literally) sweet touch.
    It was so great to meet you last weekend, Gudy! Best of luck with the competition.

    1. Thank you, Deepa! Hope you had a good trip back to your family.
      It’s my favorite theme too.I am really tired of the macarons thing but they had them as a snack in the store and it was just perfect against the dark back drop. Never underestimate what a macaron can do for you :-)

  2. Love your pictures, the table setting is my fav! Unfortunately I didn’t have time enought to come to see Vipp store, I had to leave early on monday morning…This competition must have been so funny! Good luck for the competition, let’s go to vote ;)

  3. I love everything about it! But my fave is the moody setup ;-) Well, you could come over to help me with styling and decoration for our new home in Hamburg (if we are going to find one…)
    Fingers crossed, you did a great job!

  4. It goes without saying that this is seriously gorgeous styling but I’ll say it anyway FABULOUS! Thank you for letting us know that we can like across all platforms because I only did it on IG I think… So glad you got to hang out with the lovely Hege! Good luck you three. Mel xx

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