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A Brooklyn home featuring my favorite sofa

A Brooklyn Home-Eclectic Trends

Brooklyn Home-Eclectic Trends2

The Chaplin townhouse is located in Brooklyn and has been extensively renovated by Ensemble Architecture. The owner is an accomplished travel writer and contributed greatly to the design process with exotic and unique ideas for furnishings and finishes. The sofa composition and the huge royal blue rug are just gorgeous together!

A Brooklyn Home-Eclectic Trends

Brooklyn Home-Eclectic Trends3

Brooklyn Home-Eclectic Trends5

Brooklyn Home-Eclectic Trends

Brooklyn Home-Eclectic Trends4

Brooklyn Home-Eclectic Trends

I love the mix of hippy chic, some retro style, trendy bathroom fixtures and some Scandi mix in the kitchen. It’s great personal style which speaks clearly of the owner’s taste.

A am slightly obsessed with leather tanned sofas until the point I run into a shop in Ankara (Turkey) a couple of days ago after having finished a workshop, seeing this dreamy sofa in the window and checking the price wondering if shipping it over would be still worth it… :)  It could have been interesting but I rather start selling first the one I’m having now. G, x

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