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A ceramics update on White Atelier BCN

WhiteAtelierBCN ceramics

Picture by Igor Josif

These are the last pieces for my White Atelier BCN collection. Some of you had been asking me what I was going to do my all the porcelain petals. And here they are! I am happy with these mobiles, it is exactly what I wanted to do for a while now. I have always been fascinated by mobiles and every piece is-as the entire collection-one of a kind.

White Atelier BCN Ceramics

Igor has taken the pic during our event the past weekend in Barcelona (btw, I will blog about it on Monday!). It was the perfect moment to show my pieces for the very first time and get some feedback from fellow bloggers.

White Atelier BCN Ceramics

I am currently setting up the online shop and have to photograph all the products. That will take me a little longer since I am working on the styling concept still. But yeah, everything is on track so far, and I have stopped pushing me too much having this pressure of ‘you have to make it happen still this year’. I’ve never been a super fast person (except for commissioned work:-) and I admire those who are, I just take my time but I get there. I guess everybody has to follow his rhythm, right?

White Atelier BCN Ceramics

Thank you for your wonderful supporting comments, dear friends. It felt good to share what I am up to before launching!  You can follow along my IG account and I am setting up a fan page these days too.



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12 Responses

  1. Hi !
    I love craftwork , and i’ve been attendting to the ceramic workshop for 6 years . Despite this i can’t imagine how did you make such a light and pure construction ! Is it also glazed , or you just put some golden colour on the edeg ?
    Are you going to show some photos from workshop ? I would love to see the process of makeing ;)

    Thank’s a lot – i really like your blog , and i’m looking forward for a next post –
    greetings from Poland ! :)

  2. This is it, I’m in love with this piece! <3 It looks so delicate and I suppouse it is fragile and needs to be handled with a lot of care (and love :) but is it not going to break? Have a great weekend xo

    1. No, they shouldn’t break if you handle with care and don’t have a playful cat…and yes,they are very fragile but that is what the brand is about. It’s just how I wanted it to be. Have a happy weekend in bella Italia, Aga! xx

  3. Oh how naughty you are, teasing us like this! I love the peeks and I cannot wait to see more! Slow and steady wins the race! Xx

    1. Haha, Tina, you made me laugh, not pretending to be, it just takes its time:-) Hope all is well with you and your temporary home! Hugs!

  4. They look airut and delicate. Can’t wait to see the min your shop! I’m building my shop too quite slowly – but that is just great way to do things -slowly. Happy weekend Gudy!

  5. You already know how much I love your ceramics Gudy! Take you time, it’s part of the slow process of creation. In the meantime we will enjoy your pictures and have the time to decide where to put them at home ;-) xx

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