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A classy (somehow moody) loft in Soho, New York

Did your heart just skipped a beat when seeing these images? High ceilings and large windows. And how about this wooden flooring? That’s the perfect frame, now you still decide what to do with it.

This  loft is located in the heart of Soho, New York and was built in the 1860s. When a family with children moved into this large loft on Crosby they hired British interior design firm Ochre to do the renovation. I learned about Ochre a few month ago when writing about the Moody Colors Trend finding some nice examples on their site of how a dark green can work nicely for walls.

I don’t know if it is practical or not but I have always dreamed of having benches under large windows. The day I am having the right apartment (and a nice view), I’ll let you know…

The designers were keen to retain as much of the original character as possible. Their strategy was to mix old and new in the interiors. Look at the ceiling at the image below!

And you see the beautiful pendant in the kitchen (top image)? It is made by Ochre, if you are a lighting lover, you should have a look at their collections. They have a showroom in New York, which also sells furniture and accessories, including their handmade lamps.

I have been looking now for quite a while for a new bed. This time I don’t want any upholstering again but didn’t manage to find a nice wooden structure so far…until I saw this one. Wondering where it is from.

I love the moody colors in some of the corners and rooms, it’s the perfect example of how a home can still look airy, elegant and even cosy. Which is your favorite image here?

Via Rum Hemma

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  1. Hi Gudy, I absolutely love this apartment. The colours are sophisticated and light and the furniture stands out on their own. And I love that distressed mirror on top of the mantle. Thanks for sharing Gudy, have a lovely week. xD

  2. Hi Doris, and how about the size? I think that makes a whole difference here too, everything is so spacious you really get to appreciate the structure of the apartment itself still.

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