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A Creative Life for Heart Home Magazine

I have been featured in the September issue of The Heart Home Magazine with a really nice feature (starting page 27). I am very pleased with the outcome and would like to give you a little glimpse of what I do when in Barcelona and not sitting behind a screen.

heart home magazine Eclectic Trends

I am working in my ceramics space with other ceramicists and experiment, test, build, glaze, fire and test again. First collection ideas have been replaced by others, and now it’s all about gold glazing:-) I just discovered the technique and I am all fascinated, I can tell you. So, that idea of launching a full collection this year might be post-poned, there is just so much to discover still. But I will be on Etsy very soon with a pre-launch of White Atelier BCN.

However, let me show you a couple of images more of my work space and then I invite you to hop over, read the interview and see what the ladies of Heart Home Magazine have produced again. They never fail to surprise me with their quality, and I wonder how they can produce every single month that amount of content! And I am very honored to be again in their magazine!

workshop gudy herder scale

workshop gudy herder right shelf close up


How about some extra inspiration?

8 Responses

  1. ¡Pero si es que eres todo arte, Gudy!

    No cabe dudas que será un éxito rotundo el lanzamiento de tu atelier, que por supuesto seré de los primeros en poner en mi cestita de la compra uno de tus floreros!


    1. Glad you like them, Emma! The article turned out very nice, it’s the first time I am publishing picture from the atelier and I am happy!x

  2. Eres una artista, una crac! Exquisito gusto, inquieta, trabajadora, …, como molas, y además eres mi amiga! Iuhuuuu! Que afortunada soy!!!
    Me encantan tus éxitos y los disfruto y celebro!!!!

    Eres una crac!

  3. Fantastic news Gudy! Congratulations! You deserve the best! I think you’re amazing. Wishing you love, happiness and success always! xx Rasheda

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