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A floating close-knit water community

Schoonschip is Amsterdam’s innovative circular neighbourhood, a community-driven project set to become a prototype for floating urban development and what a close-knit water community could look like. With a master plan designed by Dutch architecture practice Space&Matter, the project comprises 46 dwellings across 30 water plots connected by a jetty and features decentralized and sustainable energy, water and waste systems.

This renowned circular neighbourhood was initiated and developed by a group of enthusiasts with a shared dream: to build a sustainable, close-knit community on the water. The initiators of Schoonschip developed an urban plan with Space&Matter, and, together with a team of multidisciplinary experts and future residents, they designed the urban plan, plot passport and smart jetty that unite this inspiring community. Community and togetherness are recognized well-being practices we’ve seen emerging all around the globe in light of the pandemic. All our trend reports include the term TOGETHERNESS now.

But back to today’s project…For more than a decade, the members of Schoonschip worked towards creating their dream homes. Their journey began in 2010 when frontwoman Marjan de Blok felt inspired and compelled to make an energy-neutral neighbourhood on the water with friends and acquaintances who shared her dream. 

Fully completed in 2021, Schoonschip consists of thirty water plots and is home to more than 100 residents. Roughly half of the boats are shared by two families, and all forty-six houses are unique since each household designed their own house with an architect of their choosing. As a result, the neighbourhood is characterized by creativity and self-expression.


“We feel it’s important to emphasise that Schoonschip was created and developed by a group of people, not a project developer.”

Marjan de Blok, initiator of Schoonschip



Schoonschip - A floating close-knit water community

Schoonschip - A floating close-knit water community

Schoonschip - A floating close-knit water community



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