A gathering of all natural elements

I am more and more interested in images only spending most of the time (if I am connected) on visual platforms. That’s why I will share a new series now called  ‘A gathering of all natural elements‘ where I will introduce you to these images I liked best and separate them by topics. This weeks’ mood talks about flowers and raw materials with the one common characteristic of having all a firm styling proposal. I like the color palette here a lot feeling it a nice all year around setting not related to any special season.

gaterhing of natural elements-1

Anton Sucksdorff | via Nezart Design

gaterhing of natural elements-2

Overgrowth  | The Red Thread

gaterhing of natural elements-3

via Katelizabeth | Sooyeon Kim

gaterhing of natural elements-4

Unknown | Christiane Löhr

EclecticTrends-All gathering of natural elements LR

How about some extra inspiration?

4 Responses

  1. haha… mee too… :) but that’s kinda obvious… :D

    i even find myself scrolling through my 60+ thousand strong collection all the while exclaiming just how much i love images and if only i could make a living with looking at images… :D :D

    lovely ones!

    hugs and kisses,
    :) :) :)

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