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Just a little update on my ceramics project

Hi friends! Here goes a little update on what I am doing at the ceramics workspace now. Since I am having some technical issues with my collection and not too much time to test and experiment and test all over again ( it takes one week with all the drying process and firing, glazing and firing then again), I am taking classes now with a true master. Corrie knows pretty much everything about ceramics you can imagine and teaches at the school where I have rented my space. I have learned since you can’t be an expert yourself in everything, go and look for help. So, that’s the process at the moment.

We are working now on different materials and glazes. I am quite excited to see all the results and share with you. Then I have to see in detail shipping, packing and marketing issues. I won’t create a complete new brand from scratch but start with the resources I am having and then building up.

WhiteAtelierBCN ceramics

It is quite difficult to decide on the final quantity of pieces I want to make since we talk about an artisan project with a one woman show behind (so far). I have so many ideas of what I want to create from vases to flower pots, bowls, candle holders… staying focused now is a true challenge here.

WhiteAtelierBCN ceramics

My idea is of launching a white collection. It is porcelain and I love it at its original white color. If I’d go for a different color, I could do it in clay and glaze it. Totally different story. Porcelain is the most fragile clay, the most transparent, the lightest and of course, the most difficult to manipulate. That’s probably the beauty of it. Every single piece is unique since the mould gets fired with the piece.

WhiteAtelierBCN ceramics

I’d love to hear your opinion on:

* Would you like to see different colors? If so, which?

*What would you use this design/pieces for?

*How do you feel about the ‘one of a kind pieces’ philosophy the project has? I can repeat sizes but pattern and final shape will always be different.

You’d do me a huge favor by answering, let me say in advance a heartfelt MIL GRACIAS. xoGudy

How about some extra inspiration?

25 Responses

  1. My dearest,

    I am very happy and very proud of you as well! I love to see how your ideas develop! I think your work perfectly represents your style and shows who you are. It is a very unique kind of ceramics.
    In my eyes shapes and patterns speak for themselves so I don’t see a need for colours so far. You know as a foodblogger I am always thinking of new props and nice little pieces for dips and apero treats come to my mind. Only my two cents ;-)

    Hugs, Sandy

  2. I think you know my stance – I am in love with your project and definitely see great potential as one-of-a-kind pieces, handmade pieces etc. really boom on the web – just looking at Pinterest and other blogs is proof enough.

    I really like the white collection as it brings out its content to full effect, be it flowers or a plant. I would personally use it as plant pots for succulents or cacti, that is the Urban Jungle Blogger within speaking.

    And when it comes to colours, I would really, reeaaaallly love a collection that would work with white and blue – I am thinking of those handpainted watercolour effects. I imagine it as perfection! I could then also see a combination of greys, whites and blues in that delicate watercolouring effect – I think you know what I mean, I just lack the correct terminology here:-)

    I think the one-of-a-kind philosophy is great and comes as a great added value. In times of mass production people cherish unique pieces and even though this go with a higher price tag, people tend to buy at least one to enrich their collection or to have a statement piece of art.

    Hope this helps:-) I am looking forward to your work and sending sunny hugs from Munich!

    1. Yes Igor, all comments help. Even I am a bit insistent these days, every single opinion before launching will prevent from surprises afterwards. And very happy you like the unique piece concept here! Sending you another sunny hug straight back! xx

  3. Such a lovely project Gudy, you can see the care & love in your designs! Them being unique (and not mass produced) definitely adds to the value of it: completely handmade & special. Like Sandy, I don’t see the need for color either, especially with fragile porcelain, because (I think) it looks best in it pure white color. Although I’m curious to see what you’d make in clay, as the technique and outcome is completely different. I think I’d use them for handpicked flowers or succulents. Bisous!

  4. Gudy, those items are wonderful and the one-of-a-kind strategy is great (although selling them online could become a little difficult, but this is a problem, that can be solved easily). Speaking as a private person AND as shop owner: time is right for special products made with heart and by hand differing from all those collections you see in every shop, on every blog, in every home … When it comes to colors – I’d go for pure white, at least at the beginning. If your label has grown and you maybe have some helping hands for running your production and sales business (with all the unforeseen every day challenges) you can take some time on adding a bit of color. Light pink perhaps or light turquoise. Oh, and I would love to use your products for flowers and herbs. Besos from Stuttgart, Sabine

  5. I love white. I love the pieces! If you do a color at this beginning stage, people will lose focus on the craft and focus on the color..not all but some will. Introduce the craft in white first and there will be time to introduce color later. :) So beautiful!

  6. Las piezas, el proyecto, me parecen delicadas pero con fuerza. Me encantan blancas pero si tuviese que pedirtelas en color seguro que las veo en un azul oscuro casi negro y en un gris perla casi blanco. El azul, el gris i el blanco me transmiten elegancia, pureza, fuerza. Y con la luz de las flores, tallos y plantas la sofisticación está asegurada. Me gustaría una rama de almendro florecido, con sus flores blancas o rosadas, en una de las piezas altas y delgadas pintadas de un azul noche mate, bello!

    Me gustan combinadas con la naturaleza, tal como las presentas, de hecho a mi me inspiran y recuerdan a tallos. Si las plantases en medio de un bosque y las rellenases de tierra que ensuciase ese blanco inpoluto y las rescatases en un tiempo seguro que el resultado sería espectacular. Salvajes, terrenales, delicadas,…, rotas por las inclemencias del tiempo, con tallos saliendo por las roturas, cobrarian su propia vida! (se me ha ido la olla, sorry)

    También las tendría como contenedores de belleza, anillos, pulseras, broches, perlas,…, que le darían un toque de brillo.

    No sé, para mi es muy fácil. Solo tengo que opinar y dejarme llevar. Me imagino que desde el punto de vista de la creadora y pensando en comercializarlas todo cambia.
    Espero que mi opinión te haya llevado a algun sitio y recordarte que me encanta ese trabajo manual hecho con el corazón, con la razón y el entusiasmo!

    Y Gudy, tu eres única! Me encanta esa parte de tu “única” en mi casa, en mi espacio, en mi vida! Lo único y lo auténtico es lo que cuenta!


  7. Dear Gudy – I adore you work and the intricate details on each and every piece is what makes them perfectly unique. I don’t need any other colour as I think it would overpower the details and beauty of the pieces. Lovely and have a great weekend xxxx

  8. I think this is just a wonderful career to have Gudy-I can’t admire true craftsmen more and would so love to do something similar myself one day-maybe when the kids are older! So YES-go for it-gorgeous! x

  9. Dear Gudy, I’m really in love with everything I see. To me the all white kind of captures who you are and your style however I do see some touches of blues coming into the picture. The wall pieces that you do look extraordinary and are quite unique but perhaps wouldn’t sell as well as a vase. One offs make things even more special. Mel xx

  10. These pots are truly beautiful. I like the white colour you’ve been doing but I could easily see them in more earthly colours. Don’t give up the unique pattern, that what makes them different from anything else. How would I use them? Flowers and succulents seem to be perfect in them but I could easily see them on my desk with pens and stencils, in my kitchen with cooking accessories, in my bedroom with necklaces lying on top of the pot … and these are just the first things coming up to my mind :-) Have you already set up your online shop for them?
    This is an amazing project Gudy! i wish you all the best for it :-) Have a lovely week-end xxi.

  11. Gudy, those pieces are a beautiful work of art. I love them as they are in white. You are truly a talented lady and a very good friend too. They look perfect as you have styled them with the plants. Looking forward to seeing more. Have a wonderful weekend! xx

  12. Dear Gudy,

    as much as I love color your ceramic is absolutely gorgeous in white and I don’t really see the need to add other colors. I love the idea to use the pieces for plants, but I could totally envision larger pieces with no other purpose than being pleasing to the eyes and used for decorative purposes.

    As far as the “one of a kind” philosophy of the collection I don’t think I ever encountered one person who preferred standardized mass production to a unique piece of art with its beauty and flaws.

    I wish you good luck with this beautiful project!

  13. Gudy!!

    These are absolutely gorgeous. When will they be available for sale and what are their price points?

    To answer your questions:

    * Would you like to see different colors? If so, which? I like white! I’d also like to see white with a bit of indigo.

    *What would you use this design/pieces for? To showcase my freshly picked flowers or herbs from the garden!

    *How do you feel about the ‘one of a kind pieces’ philosophy the project has? I can repeat sizes but pattern and final shape will always be different.
    The one of a kind pieces would make any recipient of these pieces very special =) And would position your products more as art – less as commodity.



  14. Hi Gudy!

    I think one of the kind is a very good thing. You can shop everything and everywhere nowadays so to be unique product is the thing that I like. White goes well with different kind of decoration so I prefere that also but maybe some colors could be used but they can also be one of the kind. Some wild ones, if you know what I mean.
    One question is can they hold the water? Some clays aren’t water proof but porcelain is?
    I would use them with green plants and flowers.

    I wish you a great week !


  15. I would start small, create what we call a ‘capsule collection’. I’d keep it white, one of a kind and would stick to container/vases.

    The idea here is to make it exclusive, build up a following and make people wait for the next editions. You can then decide the next step.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck xx

  16. Hi Gudy, I am so very excited for you! Your pieces already look great! I agree with Tina that you should start small and create a collection that reflects you and your style. The purity of the white in it’s porcelain form is so natural and beautiful, stick to it and go with the one off pieces – each piece being individual and standing out on their own. Just my thoughts. Save a piece for me, I can’t wait to buy one. xD

  17. Hello Gudy,
    everytime I pass by your blog you always have news and surprises. I am sorry I haven’t been so present but maybe there is a joy also on getting things afterwards, especially if they are so interesting as the once here.
    First of all I want to wish you all the best on this new project you are developing.
    Here you will find the responses regarding your questions.

    * Would you like to see different colors? If so, which? First of all I really like your choice of white and particularly, the original true colour of the material. Personally, at this stage, it could be interesting to keep the colour of the material by focusing on the shape and trying to work with surfaces. If you want to insert colours, I think colour blocks are always a good choice, especially now going through the new seasons. You could use your pastel palette of colour block or simply strong and fluorescent colours (primary colours)

    *What would you use this design/pieces for? Of course, I would use these pieces for the purpose you have shown on the photos but also for cooking as far they are porcelain, in the bathroom, or simply as souvenirs.

    *How do you feel about the ‘one of a kind pieces’ philosophy the project has? I can repeat sizes but pattern and final shape will always be different. I think the one of the kind philosophy is great, we are missing unique pieces lately especially after the industrialization. Going in the “one of a kind piece” direction will make you focus better on the quality and particularity of that piece. So I totally agree with your choice.

    Crossing fingers for you and thank you to share your experiences with us.

  18. Hi Gudy – I just stumbled over you blog from Holly’s site (following one of her classes) and these wonderful pieces caught my eye. I’m a porcelain addict and own a huge collection of – white vases. They are the perfect canvas for flowers and plants. So my answer for the colour, although I love the colours that come out of the fire with ceramics, would always be WHITE. One can never have enough white vases.
    And for unique pieces – those are a lot of work to sell, as you’ll have to take pictures and describe every single piece. I’d go for limited editions, that reduces the work and time for selling a single piece – you can divide it by the number you produced of that edition.
    Talking about editions: as a collector, I always love to have a “complete” collection. If you’d make a series of, let’s say 6 shapes or sizes inspired by … (whatever your inspiration at that moment is); and the next series would be inspired by something different, but matching the former by coulour and material – that would also be good for sales, I think. I could be complete with the first, but I’d sure love to continue with the second.

    What would I use them for? Flower and plant display. There are lots and lots of vases and pots in medium sizes, what I miss are the really big ones, especially talking about pots. (I’d consider everything more than 22 cm diam. big.) And tall vases, for just a single stem.
    And also the the small ones, which still com with an idea of nice design and ot only “‘ a roung pot. End of story”.

    I hope this helps a little – I’m a big fan of your creations now already.
    Viel Erfolg!

    1. Wonderful and very valuable comment, Alexandra. Thank you so much. Had been so uber busy with the workshops and will return from next week on to my ceramics world. Thank you! xx

  19. I think your work is utterly gorgeous! You should come and exhibit in one of the ceramic galleries in Australia (where I am based)!. I have to agree with almost everyone – keep it white! Then one’s focus is drawn to the lovely detail rather than the color.

    I do think that there is currently a market for very subtle gelati-like colors if you DO want to pursue color – I must say I’d rather like to see how a pale celedon green glaze would pick up those pleats and folds….

    Cheers, Rachael

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