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A Mood Board Workshop Review

Moodboarding For Professionals-A Workshop Review-Eclectic Trends

Today I am sharing a few images and some thoughts on the Moodboarding For Professionals Workshop. For our past masterclass I had teamed up with the fab crew from Eric Vökel (check out their great apartments if you want to stay in Barcelona) spending the day at their headquarters. It’s been another course recharging my batteries over days and days with a wonderful group.

By the way, I have finally set a date for an English masterclass. You have been asking for a while already, and I am happy to offer now a date in Autumn (at my workshop site). We have at this time of the year still wonderful weather, you might pack your swim suit, enjoy mild temperatures and a good deal of day light still. Just don’t wait too long, subscriptions are already open and I don’t work with large groups so I can offer a more personalized guidance during the day.

A Mood Board Workshop Review-Eclectic Trends

It’s interesting to see how much this course has evolved and to see the kind of participants who join in today. Much has happened in the past two years and the program is evolving towards branding more and more.

A Mood Board Workshop Review-Eclectic Trends

A Mood Board Workshop Review-Eclectic Trends

I am very privileged to work with creatives who have found a spot in the market already, others who are about to leave a secure job and start their own little business or there are companies who send their creative over to learn the mood board technique.

A Mood Board Workshop Review-Eclectic Trends

A Mood Board Workshop Review-Eclectic Trends

A Mood Board Workshop Review-Eclectic Trends

Maria Algara Regàs Photography

It’s utterly inspiring to have people from different fields and backgrounds. I never wanted to dedicate the course to interior designers, architects and stylists only, and I am glad I took that decision back then.

The topics you see on the three mood boards above range from defining a style and look&feel for a personal travel blog, getting a first approach for a graphic designer’s web and setting a starting point for a day and night party dress collection. You see? Diversification makes it so inspiring. You can see some more images on my Workshop Board. G, x

PD: Thank you again, Eric Vökel for the good vibes location and Maria for the beautiful pictures!

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