A most stylish home in Antwerp

This matches pretty much my own style and taste. The home structure is to die for, seriously I would move in right now, and that happens not very often, right? When flipping through magazines or surfing the net, you might love the flooring or ceiling, a part of the selected furniture, a fire place, the bath tub…but the entire interior design and home?

A stylish home in Antwerp_family

A stylish home in Antwerp_living

A stylish home in Antwerp_armchairs

A stylish home in Antwerp_dining

A stylish home in Antwerp_fire place

A stylish home in Antwerp_staircase

A stylish home in Antwerp_bedroom

A stylish home in Antwerp_kids

A stylish home in Antwerp_kitchen

 A stylish home in Antwerp_bathroom

Mélanie, founder of Simple Kids had passed in front of this house many times before realizing it was on sale. When visiting, she found out that the old structure was in a really good shape probably due to the fact it had belonged to the same family for more than a century. Recent works had been undertaking by Belgium architect Vincent Van Duysen (see his home here), and as a result you can admire a light flooded space with few walls.

I love Milk Magazine‘s articles, the interior designs they feature and how they photograph the home’s owner too, it makes the article a bit more lively, don’t you think?

How about some extra inspiration?

9 Responses

  1. I could totally see you living there Gudy, it really is your style. There’s so many things I love about this place too – especially using the mantle to store magazines, such a great idea and graphic. Over this side of the world it’s common practice to photograph the owners but I have noticed that it barely happens in the northern hemisphere. x M

    1. I was checking immediately if there were antlers or anything similar…but it’s not, right? Can’t stand them either!x

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