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Micro trend | The panty tone

I have learned a new wording for an always difficult colour to describe : the Panty Tone. Isn’t that too funny?!

We are talking about an ongoing trend. You might have heard about nude or blush (with a hint of pink) referring to a very similar tone.

panty tone trend kristine five melvaer_4

Panty tone trend

panty tone trend kristine five melvaer_3

Kristine Five Melvaer, a Norwegian designer nails with her lamp collection both: colour and textures! Functional sculptures would be a pretty good observation for her designs. The 2 lamp collections Spring (first and last) and Ray (collage) are covered by textile skins.

I do like the colour a lot, I just bought a pair of shoes and a scarf and don’t take them off. Not sure about the texture though! But it might be an interesting tip  since Lidewij Edelkoort has been including here in her ‘BOLD’ trend report for Winter 2014/15. And that means Kristine’s lamps are going to be trendy!

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Hi Gudy, I’m not sure about the nude colour but it looks like when they are lit up at night they look gorgeous! Definately, a light to showcase in the evening… your panty tone statement made me laugh! xD

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