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The first public residential project by Rossana Orlandi

Up in the sky by Rossana Orlandi-Eclectic Trends

I still recall the day I discovered Spazio Rossana Orlandi three years ago during the Milan design week. It’s been ever since a must-visit on the packed program. But I guess the first time you visit her former factory hits you most. The space hosts young talents, renown designers and a concept store.

Whatever or whomever she puts on her list – it becomes a huge success! She refers to her gallery as a house, ‚a home for design‘ and welcomes everyone to come, see and to enjoy her world.

As her gallery has now become a meeting point for designers, customers and also press, it’s not her only project. Once she said in an interview: the honesty of the design is important to her, she doesn’t like crazy or not useful things nor things that have no meaning. When she looks out for good design – she focuses on functionality. This is something you can see clearly in this residential project, she even takes the balcony into account and creates a living area outside.

Up in the sky by Rossana Orlandi-Eclectic Trends

Up in the sky by Rossana Orlandi-Eclectic Trends

R. Orlandi 5

Up in the sky by Rossana Orlandi-Eclectic Trends

R. Orlandi 7

R. Orlandi 4

Up in the sky by Rossana Orlandi-Eclectic Trends

Up in the sky by Rossana Orlandi-Eclectic Trends

R. Orlandi 1

Today we will show you a project, which is the first public interior project, Rossana Orlandi curated in an exclusive penthouse. This penthouse is located in an apartment complex called ‚CityLife’ and was designed by Daniel Libeskind. Additionally to the gorgeous designed interiors, the visitor is rewarded with a breathtaking view over the city of Milan.

The New York-based architect Daniel Libeskind developed CityLife as a new residential and commercial district just outside Milan’s historic city center as his goal was to meet the needs of modern living.

Let’s start the tour from the outside space – just imagine sitting on this gorgeous terrace, overlooking Milan and to relax from a hectic working day. Going inside you will find so many corners to pause and linger in – as there is so much to discover.

We consider it to be THE talent to create different contemporary spaces (you  haven’t seen many times before) with high end design pieces that still feel livable and not over the top. Design pieces by well known talents Piet Hein Eek integrate naturally together with so many other gorgeous outstanding pieces that are from her selection of her gallery. Have a great Monday all! G, x


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