A sneak peek into an artist’s universe

A sneak peek into an artists universe | Eclectic Trends

Artists are eclectic, and the way they live, especially their house and studio, raise curiosity. During Stockholm Design Week, Norm Architects, together with Menu and Dux, two furniture brands, created an installation that allowed the public to have a sneak peek into an artist’s universe.

//A staged house

The staged house aimed to immerse the visitor in the living space of a sculptor. Therefore the fictitious apartment was filled with inspiring design furniture and art pieces, such as sculptures from Copenhagen-based British artist Nicholas Shurey or ceramic objects by Sofia Tufvasson.

A sneak peek into an artists universe | Eclectic Trends

The installation took place in the heart of Stockholm. An apartment depicting a living room with several areas, a studio, and a bedroom. Around the space, references to the artistic profession of the person living there: scrolls of paper and white canvases against the walls.

A sneak peek into an artists universe | Eclectic Trends

In another part of the apartment, visitors encountered a space with books, material samples, and paintbrushes. Further, while imagining the lifestyle of the apartment’s owner, visitors could enter the sculptor’s atelier, where there was an open book on the desk. Maybe what was inspiring the artist.

A sneak peek into an artists universe | Eclectic Trends

A sneak peek into an artists universe | Eclectic Trends

A sneak peek into an artists universe | Eclectic Trends

A sneak peek into an artists universe | Eclectic TrendsPhotography: Courtesy by Monica Steffensen

Throughout all the installation, the color pallet was soft, with the neutral tones of beige or a light toffee. All the walls were white in contrast with black sculptures, design objects, and furniture. Overall the textures were smooth, almost transmitting a cold feeling. However, the warm wooden floor, the wooly carpet, and the wooden ceiling in the bedroom counterbalance this feeling. A sneak peek into an artist’s universe seemed a welcoming experience, full of inspiration. But perhaps it had a defined order far away from the collective idea that artists’ studios are “creatively messy.”

However you want to put it, this immersive experience is a beautiful creative exercise. For more astonishing interior designs, you can find inspiration reading here.

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