A spa in the fourth warmest capital in the world

Surrounded by skyscrapers, bustling traffic and street food vendors, Infinity Wellbeing designed by Space Popular is a spa and island within the city. Located just off Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok’s modern commercial centre, the spa is accessed directly from a busy street through a generous tropical garden. It creates a porous green bond with the city, inviting both passersby and local street cats to rest under an umbrella surrounded by dragon trees and lipstick palms. The blue/green-ish indoors seems to be an extension of the outdoors bringing that innate feeling of connection to nature we have. Wellbeing is a celebrated concept we see emerging in all major cities now.

Bangkok is organically structured on the linear footprint of rice fields and their canal systems, which once dominated the metropolis. A “Thanon” (major road) like Sukhumvit -which runs nearly 500 kilometres from the capital all the way to the Cambodian coast has hundreds of “Sois” (side streets) just like the one Infinity Wellbeing is on.

The linearity of the Soi and the fact that Bangkok is the fourth warmest capital in the world have created a unique relationship between streets and buildings, an abrupt portal-like transition between the street and most interiors.

All elements of the interior such as finishes, furniture, objects, and plants serve and structure the sequence and pace of the treatment, creating an all-encompassing experience from start to finish.


Photographs: Wison Tungthunya


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