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A striking view over the rooftops from Paris

Eclectic Trends: a striking view over Paris

Louis and Sarah Bonard created their dream home where industry meets design classics in the city of light. After an important renovation process they created a sensation of  openness and generous conditions for sunlight and views at the 200-square-foot apartment.

The original full-sized windows were replaced by large metal frames the glass from floor to ceiling. Several walls were removed, and in the large living room, adults and teenagers hang out without invading each other’s space. 

Eclectic Trends: a striking view over Paris

Eclectic Trends: a striking view over Paris

Eclectic Trends: a striking view over Paris

Eclectic Trends: a striking view over Paris

Eclectic Trends: a striking view over Paris

Eclectic Trends: a striking view over Paris

Do you recall one of my last trend posts (which turned out quite popular to my surprise) about black metal windows as room dividers? Well, here we see a bathroom door but the idea is basically the same.

I hadn’t found a home in quite some time I liked and wanted to publish. There is still a bit too much of an industrial touch in here for my personal taste still the open spaces are gorgeous, and I wouldn’t mind at all finding something similar in Barcelona.

Hope you are having a good week, I am still kind of recovering from that amazing weekend and the event.


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7 Responses

  1. This appartment in Paris is gorgious. The Open space, the windows, the floors… Love the furnishing as well. You do have an eye for interior beauty, Gudy.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. No me puede gustar más. Me lo quedaba tal cual! Que me lo pongan envuelto en un lazo y a disfrutar.
    Me parece precioso, con espacios iluminados y materiales puros, el suelo me chifla, y la decoración llena de guiños!
    Genial Gudy! Ojalá encuentres algo parecido en Barcelona y que lo podamos disfrutar!


  3. Did you find it on the web or did you shoot it? If so, could you share the info on which lens you used to make the walls look so perpendicular?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Lesia, sorry these images are not my own photography. But if you are interested in some extra learnings, we give a super creative workshop in London next month where photography plays a very important part. If you’d like to learn more about it, have a look here: Thank you!

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