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A stylish, most elegant and colorful apartment in Paris

The creative director Jean Christophe Aumas of Voici/Voilà, an agency specialized in visual art direction, lives in this tercentenary apartment of 90m2 in Paris. When I first saw the images I thought: Brazil! Then I noticed the flooring and thought: Hausmannian style Paris! Does this happen to you too? You spot an image, and you start thinking what style or geographic location it is? Or is it just me?




There is a true eclectic vibe here with different styles and color pops in pastel and bold. And how about the gallery feeling you get when looking at image n#5. My absolute highlight though is the pendant with that ceiling in the bedroom!  And then you have this moody blue bathroom!

Lately I have thinking about moody colors quite a bit. I don’t know why I am drawn to these images and use them on my own IG pics because I would not decorate my place like this. And you know where I think it comes from?

Probably the desire to escape from the so much shared high key images all over the net. Which are still beautiful and I do have those  ‘high key’ days putting my camera exposure accordingly (I mean who seriously could resist this?), but altogether I need from time to time some mystery and a certain not so glamour (well, this has to be discussed) but darker-misty-dusky side.

Anyway, coming back to that wonderful apartment, you can find more colorful images here on Casa Vogue.

How about some extra inspiration?

10 Responses

  1. Hi Gudy,
    hier faszinieren mich mehr die Farben, als der Einrichtungsstil. Mir gefallen so dramatische Entscheidungen, wie die schwarze Wand. Dann kommt auf einmal, unerwartet, das Rosa. Dazu dann der alte Holzboden. Wunderbar!
    Noch eine schöne Woche.

  2. Oh, I do that too: always imagining the cities where the apartments could be… I followed the discussion you started on Holly’s blog and see parallels on how I am influenced by the images online. You know, I am quite a big collector of things and back in the days I used to live with all of my treasures. Inspired by all these ‘high key’ images online I am now displaying my treasures one at a time and live in a tidier place. Nevertheless my style remained as ecclectic, as it was before, and I could never imagine to live in an ‘all white space’ – though it is so gorgeous to look at. Sometimes we are drawn to images & love them with all our hearts but still can’t see ourselves living in apartments like these…
    This apartment is a great find! My highlight is the bathroom, mainly the washing stand! You know, I am renovating my new apartment right now but our time is running out and so my plan to built my own washing stand out of an antique table & some industrial sink has to be delayed.
    Keep those dark and moody inspirations coming! I love browsing through them!

  3. A beautiful and inspiring apartment – love the grown-up colours, the mix of patterns and shapes and above all – love the greenery in this stylish home!

  4. Este piso me mola mucho! Pero mucho!
    Un poco caótico, para mi manera de ser, pero bello y con personalidad.

    Me quedo con esos monstruosos ventanales! Que alegria la cantidad de luz. Todo adopta otro rollo con ese chorro de luz natural.

    Donde dices que lo puedo comprar? jajajaja…. Como segunda residencia en Paris me iría de fábula! jajaja!

    Un abrazo,

  5. overall its gorgeous; i also love the details – the blue doorway lining and dark recess just below the cornice in the first image, and that knock-out pendant in the bedroom with the clever geometric line on the ceiling… for me it had to be in paris.. :-)

  6. This is such a great apartment Gudy, what I really like is that it manages to stay light and fresh but each room is in a different tone of blue. Some deep blue or black and other a lighter shade. Very clever way to integrate colour into a home to keep it harmonious. Thanks for sharing. xD

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