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A stylist’s eclectic home: Marie Olsson Nylander

This will be a post with several exceptions. I have wanted to publish this story for weeks, I know I am a bit late. But I really love to have this project in my blog library so I am writing about it anyhow, it’s so worth it. I never do more than 6 images in one post. But I believe the entire story should be published as it is and I am pretty sure, you won’t get tired of it:) And to finish up, I am not too much into bold eclectic style, but then again, Marie’s ability (I am a big fan of all her homes she has published) of mix&match of antique and design is just a master class I’d like to share with you! Sometimes it’s good to break rules, isn’t it??

A stylist's home -Marie Olsson Nylander-Eclectic Trends

The family lives in Höganäs, Sweden. The building, built in 1884 was set up by a high-ranking member of the Swedish parliament. Later, the house has hosted both offices, emergency care, an apartment complex and an artist’s studio. Quite a nice past, I’d say.

A stylist's home -Marie Olsson Nylander-Eclectic Trends

This photo wall changes constantly, depending on Marie’s mood and state of mind. My kind of lady:-) Her signature style is unique and nobody knows how to live better the Bohème de Luxe style in my opinion.

A stylist's home -Marie Olsson Nylander-Eclectic Trends

A stylist's home -Marie Olsson Nylander-Eclectic Trends

A stylist's home -Marie Olsson Nylander-Eclectic Trends

It’s all about symmetry in the dining rom. You realize the triangle in here starting with the huge industrial lamp? Not sure if it was made on purpose or if the photographer had a good eye for it. It’s fascinating to observe everything is big and round except for the table and mirror which give an interesting contrast.

A stylist's home -Marie Olsson Nylander-Eclectic Trends

I don’t know how the either side of the kitchen looks like but I thought the calmness was really pleasant to the eye when scrolling through all the images.

A stylist's home -Marie Olsson Nylander-Eclectic Trends

A stylist's home -Marie Olsson Nylander-Eclectic Trends

The beautiful Venetian mirror is from the 1800s purchased at an auction and restored – “worth every penny”. The Jonathan Adler table is giving another perfect contrast here. Marie plays very wisely with antique, vintage and modern pieces.

A stylist's home -Marie Olsson Nylander-Eclectic Trends

A stylist's home -Marie Olsson Nylander-Eclectic Trends

She and her family have moved several times, and all her homes were one-of-a-kind. She has a very interesting opinion on taking the same stuff with you:

“All houses have their distinctive interiors and styles. It is a mistake many people make when they move, they switch shells but retain its content. It rarely gets good! A content is always to change, in and around us all. That applies both to living and dead things.” Agreed! G, x

Sara Svenningrud Photography

How about some extra inspiration?

13 Responses

  1. Glad you ‘violated’ a little your personal blogging rules, this home is stunning! The more I see of the work of Marie Olsson Nylander, the more I admire her. Great visit.

  2. Speechless ! I loved that living room a couple of weeks ago on Pinterest, and now the rest…That woman has absolute class and while I might not live with everything she has, I’m in absolute awe. Love it. Thanks for sharing lovely Gudy. Off I go to pin some more! Mel x

    1. Same here, a bit of too much museum style sometimes for me but you can learn quite a bit observing here natural talent of placing pieces and using space.xx

  3. Fabulous home and so nice to be back here on your perfect blog Gudy. Also love what she says about changing content to suit the space-she’s so right and it’s so rarely done! Off to read some more posts-what a lovely way to spend some time catching up with your inspiring work sweetie xx

    1. Hi Caroline, it’s ALWAYS so nice to read your comments. I agree, Marie is right but imagine I have to source allover again my entire home when moving. A blank canvas is a nice option for people who know where to get pieces and furniture from, have a very clear idea about style and room, and do manage a certain budget too. The original article talks about costs and you can certainly see, she moves a bit of resources (which is great!). Though I love her approach, I think it’s not mainstream at all:) xx

    1. I know, Emma, the kitchen is pretty surprising from that side at least. I like quite a few elements too and she gave me some good ideas for upcoming changes I want to make:) xx

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