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A villa in Athens






When you are the owner/creative director of the concept store TR2 (and here goes another example),  your private space might pretty much look like this 19th century villa located in Kifisia, a northern suburb of Athens, Greece. The tile flooring has such a strong character and leading role in the interior design, furniture pieces look like an add on here. More pictures via afflante here.

It’s been the first very warm weekend and night here, I guess I needed this morning some light and minimal interior images. And from Greece. This year there is an authentic Greece images boom these days int the blogosphere. Have you noticed that too?

Cuando eres el propietario o director creativo de un concept store como el TR2 (aquí hay otro ej. de concept store feeling), tu casa particular podría parecerse a esta villa del s.19 en Kifisia, uno de la áreas del Norte de Athenas, Grecia. El suelo hidráulico tiene tanto charácter y protagonismo que como mucho se pueden añador algunas piezas de mueble para no cargarlo demasiado. Aquí en afflante podéis ver más imágenes.

Ha sido el primer fin de semana de verano y noche con calor, supongo que necesitaba esta mañana unas imágenes ligeras y bastante minimalistas. Y además de Grecia. ¿Os habéis fijado que este año hay muchas imágenes de Grecia circulando estos días?

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. This house has such impressive light! And it has a true “Gudy color” too. Indeed I noticed a lot of Greek homes around the web these days. Maybe the crises “forces” the Greek people to create beautiful airy and creative homes for themselves? Or maybe it’s just another trend?

    1. I am always surprised when people say that is a “Gudy Style or “color”.It makes me smile to see how you can be perceived.
      Greeks have by nature an amazing taste! They always had an impeccable interior design and I am glad you find that much images these days.I have been 3 times in my life (can’t wait to go again) and find it very inspiring! There is a certain something beside the light…

  2. Such a wonderful villa. It goes to show that sometimes less is more. Those amazing patterned tiles against a sparsely furnished and white backdrop ensure they are the stars of the show. And don’t get me started on that wooden floor ;). Beautiful. xD

  3. Amazing space. I have a crush for the tiles (as usual ;-) and the terrace which looks like an extension of the living room. Minimalism and bright light ♡ Have a lovely day xx

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