A Wellness Club That Lets Foresee The Future

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When you think of a wellness club ,soft, down-to-earth aesthetics might come to your mind. However, why not change the perception of what wellness is anyhow as we try to transmit in our recently published trend report The New Care Economy. If the understanding of care and wellness changes, why not its design?


A Wellness Club That Makes You Float

Mingzhe Water Spiritual Realm Health Club is located in Guanshan Lake District of Guiyang. Chinese culture shows a long tradition in wellness; however, this club aims to subvert culture by focusing more on technology.  Mogae Design goes to local inspiration such as the Huangguoshu waterfalls, Fanjing mountain, terraces, Castel landform, dragon boat, and other unique natural landscapes in Guiyang as creative sources. The design studio integrates contemporary design techniques, deconstructs and reorganizes space to create a transcendental experience.

The journey of exploring starts from the moment of entering the elevator hall, where images of butterflies, flowing water, and clouds invite the visitor into an ethereal and dreamy world. Several stainless-steel pebbles light up the space and sublimate the immersive experience.

On the first floor, a series of creative elements, such as mist generated by a nebulizer, a boat floating in clouds, and falling water, seem to float in the air. To complement a carefree, almost fairytale experience, guests take off their clothes and shoes on the suspended shoe stool, quietly unloading daily necessities.

Wellness is today’s most sought-after concept regardless of the industry. Our latest trend report, The New Care Economy, shares how care and wellness look and what makes a wellness brand in 2022/23.

Trend Report


Consumers have become hyper-focused on wellness and self-care in the past 15 months. As a result, they are more interested in less transaction-based communication and more in what a brand can do for them. How does this spirit look translated into design?

What makes a wellness brand in 2022/23?


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