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A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

It’s not an easy task to sum up two days of learnings and teaching.  I will try to show you images that speak by themselves. Time flies by and it has already been more than 10 days that I’ve been in London, teaching a new program with my amazing partner in crime, Emily Quinton. It all started when back in May, Emma Harris asked me after my conference at The Hive if I could think of bringing a moodboarding workshop to London. I love to travel abroad with this program but my only condition is always to have someone local who helps out with organizing the logistics since I don’t know anything about proper locations or catering services in other cities than Barcelona. Through a common friend, I was introduced to Emily and what was supposed to be a help with my workshop, ended up in a common program!

Defining Your Signature Style concentrates on 3 actual and trendy styles in photographing and moodboarding such as 1. bright&colourful, 2.minimal and 3. moody. We were giving tips and tricks of how to convey those styles in our students’ projects being it a collection, online-shop, blog or brand images. But if you don’t relate to any of these styles, that is fine too, we just adapted to what everybody wanted to work with.

Define your signature style workshop London

Emily kicked-off the weekend with her easy to understand photography lessons on a dSLR camera in aperture mode and loads of insider tips for smart phone editing programs, apps and, of course, Instagram. She is a great teacher making people feel very comfortable! And what you see and read through her online presence, this is exactly what you get! Most of the images of this post are taken by her (and Ruth who has been taking already several workshops with Emily and just repeated again). If you can’t make it to London, she runs online classes too!

emily teaching5

For both of us, it’s been the first time co-teaching together but we met already in August in London and knew it would be just fine! Apart from her theory, there was plenty of time to practice. These are some examples for the different styles and pictures taken with the first lessons:

Define your signature style workshop London

From TL to DR: Ruth is more a moody type with a glam rock twist (very well worked on her mood board). Whereas Emma opted for the minimal style with a slightly moody touch. Natasha loves everything related crafting and nature. She says, “everything close to ‘soil’ would be my style”.  And Andri just went minimal moody! For a bright & colorful feel, please, see Emily’s picture here.  And you can see many more images via #DYSS14 on IG.

The second day started with an exercise where everybody had to define ‘what image represents me’, and I don’t want to explain you too much but it turned out very interesting. Afterwards we went through some theory learning 10 different creative techniques and how to structure and balance a mood board with quite a few examples. It’s all about making it balanced. In case you missed it, I wrote this week about the funnel shape of a mood board and why it works.

Then it was time for some group fun and we came all up with a few examples of what currently inspires us as on a giant mood board. I love this part. You never know what you get, and it makes it so refreshing.

Define your signature style workshop London

group at giant mb

Define your signature style workshop London

What else did we do? I had a life mood boarding session prepared where I was guiding through my way of working, and how I try to make it balanced. Will show you the end result by next week on the blog as the images will be published at my monthly moodboarding series.

And finally everybody wanted to get hands on with their very individual project after having gained all the previous information. The point is to start with a selection of images and materials you want to work with, then filter them and stick to the essential. Too much information is confusing and misses the objective of the exercise.

Define your signature style workshop London

Define your signature style workshop London

One of my favorite things is always to observe and admire the personal props of everybody. Even I bring a large suitcase full of material ( traveling with two suitcases and a hand bag has been at least adventurous:-), I always highly recommend to create the collage as personal as possible with own material. It helps a lot during the creative process.

Define your signature style workshop London

At the end of the day, everybody was putting up her work and the group would tell the message they felt transmitted. This is in my experience the best way of getting a feedback and finding out if the intended message was accomplished. The other students would step into the shoes of an imaginary client giving advise and reflect on the work. So much learnings!

These are some of the mood boards that were made. You can see more on my Workshop Board on Pinterest.

Define your signature style workshop London

TL to DR: Andri from Always Andri, Sarah from Sarah notes, Rikke from Career on your terms, Emily from Makelight.

It’s been very interesting to observe the different styles that were worked through the weekend! The inspiration boards above belong clearly to a brighter style than those below which would pretty much resonate with me, whereas Emily loves bright & colorful, and being that different it makes it even more fun to teach together because we learn from each other too.

Define your signature style workshop London

TL to DR: Emma from A quiet style, Ruth from Coral and Bone, Natasha from Taking a moment in time, Sabrina from Wolves In London.

I can’t thank enough Emily and all students for the wonderful experience. Definitely, one of my highlights in 2014!

If I would repeat? I’d love to. We have been asked for a new date and are figuring out with Emily our 2015 calendar. Please do me a favor and sign in here, you will be the first to receive news about upcoming dates, I honestly will not be able to keep track on all the lovely requests. Thank you!

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Thank you Gudy for a really inspiring 2 days, I learnt so much and look forward to putting it into practise on both a personal and business level.

  2. Thank you for coming to London and for running this inspiring workshop with me. I learnt so much from the experience and I’m excited to be planning to do it again next year. Yeah! xx

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