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Akiko Hirai ceramics





Newt Bowl


 Akiko Hirai teaches ceramic courses. I’d love to learn how she glazes her deeply textured pieces. Her last piece reminds me so much of Adam Silverman‘s work when we visited his studio in Los Angeles last month.

She works at one of artist studios in The Chocolate Factory N16 in London. Akiko Hirai was born in Japan in March 1970. She initially studied cognitive psychology in Japan and obtained her degree before coming to England.

The ‘secret’ of her technique consists of  choosing very rough dark clay and glazing it with white, which forms a veil between the rough dark forms underneath and the smooth calm of the exterior.

You know I am a ceramics lover but it is the Japanese work I am mostly drawn to. Do you have a favorite ceramics artist?


How about some extra inspiration?

4 Responses

  1. These look great! Raw and simple! When I used to live in Seattle, I used to make looots of bowls and vases…Too bad, I couldn’t take all of them with me when going back to Germany! Yesterday I went through this German magazine COUCH and had to think about you because they had a spacial on pottery… Maybe you find these inspirational, because the magazine told us to :-D :,,,

  2. uauuu! Pero que chulo!

    Pues hace muchos años era muy fan de la Compagnie Française de L´Orient et de la Chine, recuerdas? Me pasaba ratos paseando, tocando platos, jarrones, ropa, hasta el día que pude comprarme unos platos y boles y que cada vez que los pongo en la mesa me recuerdan a aquel sitio mágico.

    Y ahora, he descubierto una gente que si pudiese me iría a trabajar con ellos. Son profesionales, vienen de familia de ceramistas, con sentido del humor y muy creativos, se llaman “apparatu”, me parecen geniales! Los conoces, verdad?

    Un abrazo!

    1. Yo tengo toda la vajilla de la Compagnie…me dolió en el alma cuando cerraron. Sí, conozco a Xavier personalmente y su obra también.¡Y me encanta!Y yo tb. me iría a trabajar con ellos!Un abrazo.

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