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Ceramics pick of the month: Alissa and Nienke Ceramics in Milan

I discovered these two ladies last year at the Salone where Diesel would serve their coffee with their cups and you could buy them afterwards. Smart idea but I didn’t take any with me and always regretted it.

This year they Alissa and Nienke seem to have grown a lot showcasing their own space at Ventura Lambrate at the Off-Salone with a working area where you could observe the whole process of making their beautiful marbled cups.

Alissa Nienke Ceramics cup

Alissa Nienke Ceramics showcase

Alissa Nienke Ceramics

Alissa Nienke

Alissa Nienke Ceramics bowl

Alissa Nienke Ceramics molds

Alissa Nienke Ceramics marble

Alissa Nienke cabinet

So, they manage to do about 20 pieces a day and can use every plaster mould like a 100 times until they have to do new ones. It is porcelain mixed with pigments and after a first firing they apply a transparent glaze which then goes to a second firing. Every piece is unique and you know how much I love this idea!

This year I haven’t I didn’t hesitate a second and got this beautiful cup with me!

How about some extra inspiration?

10 Responses

  1. Lovely experiment, I have just tried to mix different types of clays. Porcelain with black clay or with red one. But with coloured pigments, I haven´t tried….

  2. What a treat to witness them making them there… and how interesting that you regretted not buying some last year… what a fantastic and inspirational find.

    LOVE the one you bought.
    I’m also looking forward to you sharing your news from Milan. Hope you had a good time x

  3. Beautiful ceramics and I can see why you took one home with you. Also such a brilliant idea to serve and sell.. Looks like you had a great time in Milan, can’t wait to read your trend report. xx

  4. Love these – and love ceramics. Did pottery when I was a teen – always adored it. Perhaps I’ll join you in a workshop somewhere -someday xxx
    Happy day sweet Gudy,

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