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Amalia Puga is crafting stories and empowering communities

Amalia Puga Entre Redes collection

Amalia Puga stands out in the world of design as a visionary storyteller who seeks to make a lasting impact on people’s perceptions and behaviour. Inspired by her Galician roots and local traditions, Amalia’s projects focus on fostering collaborative solutions within small communities, empowering them with a rich cultural heritage.

With a keen eye for aesthetics and an adventurous spirit, she continuously explores new ideas, delving into traditional practices and experimenting with raw and natural materials to create projects that carry deep emotional value.


Entre Redes

Amalia Puga Entre Redes collection

Entre Redes One of Amalia’s remarkable collaborative projects takes place in A Guarda, her hometown—a picturesque fishing village nestled near the Portuguese coast in Galicia.

Throughout history, the local women of A Guarda have played a pivotal role in driving the town’s economic growth through their collaborative work. Known as the Redeiras, these traditional net makers face the challenge of passing on their profession to future generations while honouring their traditions and identity. To help them innovate and diversify their work, Amalia initiated the “Entre Redes” project, offering an opportunity to explore new possibilities while preserving the essence of their craft.

Amalia’s ingenuity shines through her approach to transforming everyday materials. For instance, she proposed a revolutionary idea to the Redeiras—replacing the lead chains in fishing ropes with malleable metal steel bars. This simple yet innovative change enabled the creation of shapes and forms that could be applied to a wide range of products. By harnessing the potential of existing rope systems, Amalia showcased how traditional materials could be reinvented, breathing new life into countless applications.

Amalia Puga Entre Redes collection

Amalia Puga Entre Redes collection

Amalia Puga Entre Redes collection


Amalia Puga Corn Carozo collection

Amalia’s work extends beyond cultural preservation. In her quest for innovative and sustainable solutions, she turned her attention to a prevalent issue in Galicia—the cob waste known as “Millo Corvo.” Collaborating with local farmers and artisans in A Guarda, she launched the Carozo project, aiming to find a sustainable use for this waste material.



100,000 TONS



Through her efforts, she demonstrated the transformative power of creativity and collaboration, creating a recyclable modular constructive system. Carozo not only showcased the potential of waste materials but also emphasized their ability to disintegrate harmlessly in any environment at the end of their life cycle.

Amalia Puga’s inspiring journey combines craftsmanship, meaningful partnerships, and design to keep the traditions of a small fishing village alive. Her projects, such as Entre Redes and Carozo, highlight the significance of collaboration in empowering communities.

Amalia Puga Corn Carozo collection

Amalia Puga Corn Carozo collection

By embracing innovation while honouring heritage, Amalia Puga exemplifies the potential for design to effect positive change and create a sustainable future. To delve deeper into the thriving maker culture and gain further insights from remarkable creators like Amalia Puga, make sure to explore our latest trend report, “The Maker Culture,” which offers a comprehensive exploration of this fascinating world. Discover how makers across various disciplines are shaping our society and driving creativity to new heights.

Photography Nuria Villa


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