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American Trade Hotel In Panama City

I hardly ever write about hotels but his one caught my eye because I’ve been in Panama last year and loved the hospitality, and on the other side since publishing a trend report about wall hangings, I can’t help but I always have a second look at any story that come with these gorgeous woven tapestries. Ah, and those tiles!

American Trade Hotel In Panama City

American Trade Hotel In Panama City

American Trade Hotel In Panama City

American Trade Hotel In Panama City

American Trade Hotel In Panama City

American Trade Hotel In Panama City

American Trade Hotel In Panama City

American Trade Hotel and Hall opened its doors in Fall 2013 in Panama City, occupying a nicely restored building in downtown. The city has grown and expanded that much, I had never seen more contrast between downtown and a skyscraper district. Visiting the old part of Panama City is like being in another period of time and you have the impression to breath again when you go downtown. Well, that’s very personal but I am just not a fan of  financial districts’ architecture most of the time. No wonder this neighborhood was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

There is a triple creative force behind the design with the Commune Design team, Atelier Ace (the hotel’s in-house creative department), and Panama’s leading historic restoration architecture firm, Hache Uve with lead architect Hildegard Vasquez. Amazing result!

How about some extra inspiration?

8 Responses

  1. Quiero ir, quiero ir, quiero ir!
    Gudy, no me puedes hacer esto! Con las ganas locas que tengo de vacaciones!!!

    Me encantan los ventanales, los techos altos, las plantas verdes, los azulejos, los balancines, …., aaiiiggggg, muero por pirarme bien lejos!!!!


  2. swoon! I on the other hand love to visit and write about hotels. I’m a hotel tourist, I go sight see hotel designs wherever I go :-) And this hotel is gorgeous! I love the floor tiling, the fabric with the palm leaf print, the colonial period lobby, oh my gosh. Love it! Never been to Panama though. There is still so much to see and do, my travel list keeps growing.

  3. It looks really amazing and the tiles are simply beautiful. A friend of mine lived in Panama for a few months and was overwhelmed by its friendly people. I would love to go but I guess next southamerica-trip will head to Uruguay ;)

  4. Oh Gudy, those tiles are just fabulous, what a great hotel! I would love to visit Panama, on day I will make it there! xD

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