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An afrofuturistic throne reveals the artist’s multilayered identity

Mac Collins and his multilayer identity Design | Eclectic Trends

Mac Collins’ design, an afrofutiristic throne, revels the artist’s multilayered identity. A common feeling that prompt us to ask: how many identities do you have? Answering this question might take a more extended reflection. Nowadays, life exposes us to such diverse experiences that our identities have never been so complex. As a consequence, we are also more interested in our origins, which also creates layers in the construction of who we are.

Mac Collins and his multilayerd identity Design | Eclectic Trends

//The artist and his heritage

Collins is a young artist, graduated from Northumbria University, Newcastle (UK). When studying product design, he realized he had a vibrant identity and decided to investigate it.
It wasn’t a straight nor smooth path. As he also learned about some very dark parts of history, such as slavery. Then he started looking into positive movements such as afrofuturism and afrocentralism.
His investigation resulted in learning about his Afro-Caribbean heritage. And creating a throne was a way to give an important role, authority, and entitlement to this part of this identity.
Iklwa, the chair-throne,  is a homage to a sense of pride in your origins. Collins chose a vibrant ultramarine blue shade, a color that, according to him, is synonymous with royalty.

Mac Collins and his multilayerd identity Design | Eclectic TrendsThe result is an exciting clash of styles, a linear, almost minimal overall construction with sinuous seatback, that reminds of an African mask. This throne is, as well, a celebration of craftsmanship, typical of tribal and ancient societies, and often passed on from generation to generation as a gift. This investigation is an endeavor through folklore and geometry, past and future.

Mac Collins and his multilayer identity Design | Eclectic Trends

Mac Collins and his multilayered identity Design | Eclectic Trends

Photography: Courtesy of Mac Collins.

An afrofuturistic throne revels the artist’s multilayered identity, and shows that Mac Collins’ investigation is in line with current interests and trends. The constant exchange our societies go through forces us to embrace our inner diversity, transforming it a creative tool that can trigger a greater sense of belonging.

We already dived into this topic when talking about the trends presented during Heimtextil 20/21.  Where the topic of a multi-layer identity was discussed in the trend Multi-local that sees hyper-locals celebrating a global inclusivity.

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