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How to style and photograph apartments for sale in Stockholm

These are some images from different apartments of real estate broker Fantastic Frank on sale in Sweden. I don’t understand Swedish (nor any of the translator tools I could find) but I believe Emma has putting those apartments together for their blog. For those who don’t know Fantastic Frank, check out their site. Your first impression will probably be of a high glossy interior magazine. Their photographers and interior stylists treat each and every home in a very stylish and inviting way. Here you can see more pictures of the place. And that’s the quote of the day: ”Our goal with every styling is to coax a property’s potential glamour out of every dull corner, giving every inch of our portfolio a high-end makeover.”  Sofie Ganeva, Chief Interior Stylist

I wish they would do that in Spain too. But even the wording home staging doesn’t exist here. I guess it’s a culture thing :-)

Note: Emma did some styling for the kitchen, that’s what the article says according to a quick mail I just had with the creative chief from Fantastic Frank.

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Bei Fotos von deutschen Immobilienmaklern habe ich so etwas auch noch nie gesehen – und wenn, dann ganz schlimm – ein Stuhl und ein Tisch, die unmotiviert mitten im Raum stehen und irgendwo in der Ecke eine Blumenvase. Oder ganz schlimmer Luxusprotz ohne Stil und Verstand. Tjaja, die Skandinavier…

  2. It looks like mediterranean area explore the same attitude on selling houses.I can totally agree that on TV shows looks like things are going under a different path, but reality is far from the shows. We experience the same situation as in Spain and France.
    At this point I can say that it can be a matter of culture. Living in Sweden for a period I had the chance to see the same style as it can be seen in the pictures.
    So white and minimal, but at the same time ordered even when there is disorder!!!
    Like the pictures a lot.

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