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An eclectic home in Paris

eclectic paris apartment art

Interior designer Sandra Benhaumou has lived for years in New York and London and came back to Paris where she shares this apartment with her husband and three children.

eclectic paris apartment living

eclectic paris apartment salon

The house was renovated, keeping its original features – floors, tiles, moldings and respecting the Haussman code – but opening the interior space to create an open-plan living area. Walls were painted in white and the rooms were filled out with a quirky mix of mid-century modern furniture and art pieces. That ceiling lamp form the 60s (Arteluce)  is a true beauty, you don’t  need much more art in the room but I believe she has combined her love for photography here in a vey inspiring way.

eclectic paris apartment kitchen


eclectic paris apartment

There is a bit too much of bold colors for my taste in these images here, I would take out the yellow vase and red chairs since these elements seem to be the most important ones here in a quite neutral environment. Your eye goes directly to these spots. Sometimes I wonder if that has been the stylist’s work or if it’s the owner’s taste. I have nothing against color pops from time to time but it’s all about balance in an image for me. And personal taste too, let’s be honest!:-)

I like the contrast here: the very stylish living, the kind of industrial chic kitchen and the bedroom which could be found in an Scandinavian environment too. You can see someone has been very well trained here, what I like most is the way how art pieces have been integrated in this home!

Via Elle Deco Spain.

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  1. Hi Gudy!
    Living room looks so cosy with style, I love it! Kitchen has some things I really like! People and their homes are so lovely to see. Thanks for sharing!

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