A stunning stylish office space: The Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office

Ever thought about a dream office to work at in the most stylish environment? Well, the Danish Fashion and Textile Association office will probably bring you very close. There might be a trend brought up by Danish culture. Their headquarters look more than a private apartment than a showroom or office itself. I guess by now you have all seen the images of the Muuto offices in Copenhagen (if not, have a look here).

Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office

Architect and designer Helle Flou, founder of quite new Copenhagen-based studio HelleFlou, was responsible for the design of these offices now. The studio works within fashion, retail, housing, hotel, restaurants, and offices.

Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office 8

Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office 2

Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office 3

Danish Fasion and Textile Offices Copenhagen

Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office 11

Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office 5

Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office 6

My first impression when seeing the mid high open workspaces was of rather being skeptical and I still am, to be honest (must be a freelancer thing :-)  But if the briefing was of an open working area with several departments to live close by, it has been solved and executed in a brilliant way. It looks really stylish, feels like being home, and you have much more private space when sitting desk to desk.

I have a closer eye on Danish design since I went to Copenhagen in May, it is probably one of the hottest markets right now when it comes to spot new trends, and these offices, I believe will mark a turning point for future projects.

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. That grey partition with grey carpeting and stylish grey chairs actually looks kinda nice. If it was my office i wouldn’t ever want to leave. Light pink one also looks nice as well!

  2. This concept is very good which give us information regarding the stunning stylish office space in the Danish fashion and textile association office in detail. It is a pleasure worth reading this article. I enjoyed reading this article and would suggest others to come In this particular blog and get all the information regarding it.

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