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Arca House, Commissioned By Nature

During the research for specific projects for our next trend report, Essentiality (we’ll send you a note if you’d like to be informed about the launch date), we found the Arca Home, named by the locals as it came as a ship in the middle of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The structure mimics a specific Brazilian indigenous house typology (Asurini, Médio Xingu) that stands alone with minimal impact on the surrounding.

When you go to Marko Brajovic’s website you can read under the house description Commissioned by: Nature.


The 130 m² large home was built from the top down by architect Marko Brajovic, as tropical architecture suggests; the roof was set up first, and then the rest of the house was built under it.

The Galvalume (carbon steel + aluminum + zinc) modules were assembled on-site in only one week and can be easily dismantled and rebuilt in a new location. This type of house can host two couples with kids, has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and a generous open space serving as a living room or workshops area for creative and professional training. In that second mode, the beds fold in sofas, and the sleeping room transforms into production rooms.

It’s an amazing project to recharge energy and creativity in the most unaltered natural surroundings, bring kids close to nature in its rawest state, and connect on a deeper level. ARCA is located on a waterfall Perequé, on a border with a national park Parque da Bocaina. Ten kilometers from a charming colonial city, Paraty is well known for its cultural heritage and natural treasures.

Photography Victor Affaro

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