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Art Déco flavour with bright colors and soft shapes by Houtique

Eclectic Trends | Candy Cotton Art Déco by Houtique

The Valencia-based office Masquespacio is back to the design scene with Arco, a furniture collection created for the Spanish brand Houtique infusing a fresh Art Déco direction. It is not the first time the creative agency appears here at Eclectic Trends, as you may recall from our previous post about their fascinanting and colorful office renovation.


Eclectic Trends | Candy Cotton Art Déco by Houtique

Eclectic Trends | Candy Cotton Art Déco by Houtique

Eclectic Trends | Candy Cotton Art Déco by Houtique


Eclectic Trends | Candy Cotton Art Déco by Houtique

Ph: Luis Beltran

In Arco, we see the same playful attitude that is distinctive of Masquespacio approach to space and design, especially in the contrasting  juxtaposition of materials and colours for a dramatic and provokative result.

Arco collection is composed of a sofa, chair, table and stools that sees in the 70s its main source of inspiration, as stated by its emblematic curvilinear shapes. Sinuosity and contrast are the key elements of the design: a bright yellow structure, composed by a series of degrading arcs, emphasizes the soft velvet seating in powder pink tones.

As Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse – Masquespacio founders- stated, they wanted to see how the use of bright colours and soft shapes combined with a cold, industrial metal frame would create an emotionally attractive piece that could question and provoke us. Our emotional response comes also from the reference to past stylistic periods and art movements: undoubtedly, there is an art deco flavour in this collection as well as a remind to surreal Magritte’s work in its art direction.

Houtique is also Valencia-based and it is specialized in the contract industry. With this collection, they aim to create iconic and timeless pieces characterized by a good dosis of humor and freshness.


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