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Artist Spotlight: Sarah Roseman celebrates her curiosity for the world through art


Meet Sarah Roseman, a designer from Canada, currently based in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Sarah Roseman has a constant curiosity for the world around her that is best expressed through textiles, material research and objects. Today we wanted to share with you some of her most recent and extraordinary collections that fill us with inspiration.

The Reef Series
Knitted Shelves and Vessels Inspired by Underwater Life

The Reef Series combines an innovative exploration of textile materiality with a refreshing colour scheme and warm tactility. The unique knitting and casting process brings the pieces to life, evocative of coral reefs and underwater life.

Due to the movement of the textile during the casting process, each shelf flows in a unique way. The flocked nylon coating provides acoustic-dampening properties, allowing the shelves to function as acoustic panels.





Molten Memories
Graduation Design Academy Eindhoven
Large Scale Floor Piece from Found Materials


“How are memories shaped and stored?”

Sarah Roseman


The Molten Memories floor piece embodies this from a toddler’s perspective, from a level close to the ground, where the fascination lies in every detail discarded materials from every part of the house are re-imagined to form a living landscape that reminds us of our most playful days.


Remember how the couch cushions were like mountains to climb?

How creaking floorboards seemed to come alive?

What the relief of cool tiles felt like or the tickling grass between garden stones?

Sarah Roseman


Just like memories, the sections melt together and the lines between fact and fiction blur.



Soft Silica
Graduation Design Academy Eindhoven
Produced in the workshops of Make Eindhoven

Soft Silica is a new expression for glass that lies on the boundary between textile and glasswork.

The material is brought to life and appears to be frozen in time, capturing the way glass melts in a static object through with the tactility of a textile.

The project currently consists of glass tapestries and sculptural vessels as well as an extensive and ever-growing archive of samples.

Continuing glass research evolves and develops with each iteration to find future possibilities and applications for this exciting new material.



Fluid Furniture
Furniture made from curbside couches
In collaboration with Barry Llewellyn


Fluid furniture is research into the new horizon of the material world.


“How will our approach to material change once we no longer have virgin material?”

Sarah Roseman


Fluid Furniture comprises of Lalalamp and Chchchair which are made entirely from discarded couches.

The process was carried out during quarantine as the domestic space became a furniture transformation factory.

From weaving, melting, rope making and sculpting, Barry Llewellyn and Sarah Roseman utilised all the ingredients found in curbside couches to form their creations.



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Images courtesy of Sarah Roseman


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