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Artist Spotlight: The wonderful and whimsical world of Chris Wolston


Meet Chris Wolston


Chris Wolston is an American artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York and Medellín, Colombia.

His thoughtfully conceptualized and deliberately fabricated work, which ranges from furniture and lighting to installation and sculpture, rigorously blends traditional techniques and materials with a wry, contemporary realism, arriving at an entirely original postmodern aesthetic, imbued with material fluency and environmental urgency.

Wolston’s interest in non-Western art-making traditions originated at the Kokrobitey Institute, in Accra, Ghana, where he studied before receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009 from the Rhode Island School of Design. He later earned a Fulbright grant to study pre-Columbian ceramics in Colombia. Invigorated by his exposure, Wolston opened a second studio in Medellín to continue his collaboration with local artisans.

Where can his work be found?

His work can be found in the permanent collections of the Museum of American Glass, The Museo de Antioquia in Medellín, Colombia, the National Museum of Qatar, the Odunpazarı Modern Müze (OMM) in Turkey and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

He was recently profiled in T Magazine, Architectural Digest, Galerie, Elle Decor Italia, Domino, and Surface Magazine. He has created work for such brands as Fendi, Dior, and Philip Lim.

What has inspired us at Eclectic Trends?

Without a doubt, Wolston’s creative thinking and craftsmanship, the incredibly detailed pieces which are delightful, playful and imaginative, allow our minds to wander into his whimsical world filled with fun furniture pieces and art sculptures that inevitably evoke joy within.



“I’m inspired to do things that the craftsmen think are totally insane, but I want it to be done with the highest level of quality”

Chris Wolston


See some of Wolstons divine creations below…

Terracotta Furniture

The intentional fingerprints are noticeable on the furniture pieces, but this is exactly what we love! Usually, such marks are counted as imperfections, but Wolston sees them as unique features.





Casa Perfect LA – Forbidden Fruit

Puzzle-like foliage shapes and wicker chairs that wave to us have drawn us into this delightfully intriguing collection. Wolston is interested in how the human body can be referenced in both direct and abstract ways, the result of this collection epitomizes Wolston’s fearlessness as an artist and ability to surprise and delight.


“A lot of furniture and material objects are made for humans, and yet they steer away from embodying human-like forms. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually embrace these similarities?”

Chris Wolston




Image courtesy of The Future Perfect







Temperature’s Rising









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Images courtesy of Chris Wolston


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