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Artistic Synapses is a series that shows a close relation of beauty merging Art with Science, delivering new ideas, emotions and new connections and synapses in our brain.

- Miriam Martí



This month’s post from Artistic Synapses comes with a current micro trend that, above all, won’t let us to go unnoticed. We are talking about BRIGHTNESS. If in the previous post, about Transparency, we were stuck between the desire of showing & hiding, today we will not only expose ourselves but also calling attention, shining and sparkling.

We all project who we are with more or less brightness. Brightness captures our attention. Our eyes are sensitive to light. Anything that shines will capture our attention. Think about meteorological phenomena, stars, Northern Lights, fluorescent animals and how they capture our interest. We usually associate brightness with positivism, security and beauty. We like our streets and houses to be well illuminated and, let’s admit it, sequins, glitter, gloss and lights are more interesting, beautiful and fun than darkness.

Artistic Synapses-Brightness via Eclectic Trends

Ted Emmons | Haakon Nygaard

Artistic Synapses-Brightness via Eclectic Trends

Emma Summerton | Ross Gudgeon

Artistic Synapses-Brightness via Eclectic Trends

Mads Perch |Alan Jaras

Artistic Synapses-Brightness via Eclectic Trends

Aaron Tyree | Bator Horvath

Artistic Synapses-Brightness via Eclectic Trends

Ciryl Lagel | Eric Fischer

We see and recognise things because of the light they reflect. This light reaches our eyes, stimulates the cells in our retina and then these cells send a signal to our visual cortex to make us “see”. When we don’t receive any stimulus is because the object does not emit any light, it “swallows” it and that’s when we see black.

We see the world the way it is thanks to the combination of light and darkness. Somehow, in a similar way, that’s how we project ourselves. We shine when we have success and we have the sparkle in our eyes when we are happy and positive … even at some moments, we may also need darkness.

BRIGHTNESS can be found in fashion, art, photography, product design, architecture, interior design, and of course, in nature!

Today’s theme, first of all, is an invitation to let yourself shine!

Artistic Synapses-Brightness via Eclectic Trends

Stephen Carroll FotoFiction | Datso


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