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“When in Rome, do as Romans do”.


We are in this wonderful world, full of different species which are here because they survived after millions of years of evolution. In our five previous Artistic Synapses posts (Transparency, Brightness, Flexibility, Unpredictability, and Attack & Protection) we have seen different ways or strategies that are useful to survive in a world ruled by the fight for limited resources and for the biological need, as species, to leave offspring.

Sometimes in nature we see species that survived just by going overlooked. They imitate and behave as their environment does, that is called mimicking. In today’s post we do a similar thing. We get inspired by nature, in this case by animals, and we imitate how they look, their color and, sometimes, the energy they transmit.

Artistic Synapses -Mimicking by Miriam Martí

Mert & Marcus | Betty Wiley

Artistic Synapses -Mimicking by Miriam Martí

Gregory Harris | Ron Jones

Artistic Synapses -Mimicking by Miriam Martí

By Walid London | Boon Chin

Artistic Synapses -Mimicking by Miriam Martí

Viviane Sassen | Frédéric Pels

Artistic Synapses -Mimicking by Miriam Martí

Erik Madigan Heck | million xu

Artistic Synapses_Mimicking by Miriam Martí

Hayley Grundmann | Chris Gug

Fortunately we don’t need to imitate these animals to survive. Nonetheless, there’s so much beauty that it can be a great source of inspiration for artists and designers. “Bio mimicking” is also used, with other purposes, by scientists and inventors who imitate natural properties or functions that can be useful in different fields such as medicine, technology, textile industry, sports, etc.

This is the last post from Artistic Synapses, and I just wanted to make a final tribute to creatures that are just so amazing that it would be great just to look at them as, themselves, an art form.

There’s so much beauty around us that we just need to observe, breath, feel and enjoy!

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