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At Home at Roberto Baciocchi’s Eclectic Residence

I am not a fan of bold colors in the interior world. BUT I do make exceptions with Italian Design. Well, I have a thing with everything Italian anyhow (and I can’t wait to visit the Salone in a few days). No wonder I had to share the following eclectic project taken care of by Prada‘s retail architect Roberto Baciocchi within these 10th century stone walls. That’s already a pretty interesting introduction, right?



Furniture pieces from the 1950s, wall paintings done by an artist friend and a very eclectic mix, are the leitmotiv throughout a home where the architect manages to create spaces that juxtaposes ancient architecture with modern pieces in a very confident way. That’s what I admire most here in a time where many people adjust their instagram feed to get as many likes as possible, and  authentic style has become a rara avis.




The kitchen tuns out a real surprise with a rather archaic look combined with a sleek glass cabinet. It’s refreshing to see a different taste, color palette and you can see more images at the The New York Times. G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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    1. I do, Anya, was about to answer your fb comment. We left the city for a few days which is always the best way to disconnect for me. Nature makes me relax the most. Hope all is well over there too. Would love hop over to your blog more often, I am so busy I hardly find the time lately to read blogs. Must change that:) Big hug. xx

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