Architectural presence using absent matter

Architectural presence using absent matter | Eclectic Trends

The presence of matter is the essence of architecture. Indeed, through a material form, a construction rises in a place previously empty: an architectural appearance comes to existence. When abandoned, any building will succumb to time and become a ruin. A ruin represents, partially, the previous existing architecture; with a part no longer existing. What […]

IT’S TRENDING: The Mushroom Universe (Free Ebook)

Free Report-It's Trending-The Mushroom Universe-Eclectic Trends

We see mushrooms everywhere; it’s a trending Mushroom Universe! Fungi’s kingdom has around 144,000 of known species of organism. It includes yeasts, rusts, smuts, mildews, molds, and mushrooms. We use them in several aspects of our life: medicine, consumption, and lately largely in design. Fungi are among the organisms most distributed on Earth, and they […]

A Container Transformed Into A Miniliving: Casa Container

When void is filling: Casa Container | Eclectic Trends

Current times are embedded in paradoxes, so no surprises that we face the same dilemmas when it comes to our dwellings. How to have more space with less square meters? How to make it homie while clearing things out? Can space have minimalist items yet be functional? Can we coexist with nature while having a […]

A sneak peek into an artist’s universe

A sneak peek into an artists universe | Eclectic Trends

Artists are eclectic, and the way they live, especially their house and studio, raise curiosity. During Stockholm Design Week, Norm Architects, together with Menu and Dux, two furniture brands, created an installation that allowed the public to have a sneak peek into an artist’s universe. //A staged house The staged house aimed to immerse the […]

When Interior Design Meets Fashion: The Bauhaus Influence

When Interior Desing Meets Fashion Bauhaus | Eclectic Trends

Once again, we celebrate the magical fusion of industries with the series When Interior Design Meets Fashion: Bauhaus. Bauhaus’s  100 anniversary since founded in 1919 was celebrated in several industries along 2019 and still influences us in 2020. German architect, Walter Gropius, started this school in Weimar (Germany), as a 360° art education center. It […]

ASPACE, how to fuse architectural elements with art and craftsmanship

ASPACE an art and design Studio | Eclectic Trends

Anna Aristova and Roza Gazarian are designers and co-founders of ASPACE, an art and design studio based in New York City. Their collaboration started in 2016 with the attempt to bring in the timeless beauty of nature to the contemporary lifestyle. Their last collection is the result of this desire, and one can say they […]