When ruins grow back into nature

Martina Taranto | Eclectic Trends

Designer Martina Taranto was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. She grew up surrounded by art and ancient ruins, hence her focus on ruins grow back into nature. Sicily is the cradle of ancient history, and it has its roots in the very distant era when the Greeks dominated. They spread a culture made of […]

Top 5 Findings From Last Week

Top 5 findings from last week| Eclectic Trends

This edition of the Top 5 Findings From Last Week shows very diverse and cross-industry references from art to technology.  I find them very intriguing so I’d like to experience them all, especially the last one! 1// ART AND WELL-BEING A sensory art experience that, through visual stimulation (color), tactility (fabric), and external elements such […]

Ceramics pick of the month: Maryam Riazi

Ceramics pick of the month: Maryam Riazi | Eclectic Trends

To understand the work of Maryam Riazi, on our series “ceramics pick of the month,” it is essential to know where she is from. Maryam grew up in Persia, actual Iran, in a city called Shiraz. A city celebrated for being the heartbeat of the Persian culture, therefore home to poets, culture, and art. It is […]

ITS TRENDING: The Rise Of CBD Based Products(Free Report)


We’re happy to share today a free trend report and download of It’s trending: The rise of CBD based products. Taking into consideration how much CBD based products have been booming during 2019, it was about time to dedicate a few lines today. Let’s start with some background data. The market of CBD and hemp has […]

Our Top 5 Findings From Last Week

Will Ellis Photo Process Off NY Building Falling apart | Eclectic Trends

To get the full picture of societal change, it is essential to be cross-reading. These are the 5 top findings from last week: 1//PHOTOGRAPHY There is beauty in decadence. Will Ellis has spent the last seven years photographing dismantling and falling apart building in New York City. The result is an ode to the passage […]

Chip Shop – cream whites and chocolate browns

Chip Shop | Eclectic Trends

One of the things I loved when I lived in New York City was the possibility to order fresh baked cookies with milk to be delivered at home in a matter of minutes! But what if, instead, when longing for a glass of milk with chocolate chips, you could literally step into that feeling? Now […]