Our top 5 findings from last week

X-Living | Eclectic Trends

1//ARCHITECTURE Visual excess has proven to be successful when it comes to attracting the public. In China, we see examples of this architecture trend in several industries from culture and business centers, parenting spaces, hotels, offices, and retail. X-Living is a Chinese architecture firm that designed in Suzhou a parents-children sports center. The project follows […]

Sustainable design: Growing Furniture

Full Grown | Sustainable Design | Eclectic Trends

Nowadays, sustainable design is a hot topic, so growing furniture in-sync with nature might seem something quite revolutionary. Still, the natural world has always provided us with everything we need. Not only when it comes to natural and indispensable resources but also in terms of materials and utensils, already from prehistoric times. Last summer, I […]

Ceramics Pick Of The Month: Yuko Nishikawa

Ceramics pick of the month: Yuko Nishikawa

Yuko Nishikawa is a Japanese born ceramic artist, based in New York. She aims to use ceramics as a medium to enhance feelings. Yuko wants to makes you feel “piku-piku”, a Japanese onomatopoeia word that refers to involuntary movements caused by accidental contact. Her mission is to make you feel “piku-piku”, which means to tickle […]

Holistic wellness in a traditional spa

I grew up in a thermal town called Levico Terme, in the north of Italy, so I have always been familiar with thermal/spa cures. I’m also an allergic person, so I have been, over the years, a patient of the Thermal Bath of Levico, as well. Last summer I was happily surprised to find out […]