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Trends&Food Barcelona Design Week 2019: Preinscriptions

Barcelona Design Week 2019-Elsa Yranzo-Eclectic Trends

It’s the time of the year that I am taking part of the Barcelona Design Week 2019 , this is the third year in a row and we have a special edition for 2019 planned. I am teaming up with longtime contributor, friend and food artist, Elsa Yranzo to bring a new Trends &Food experience to the design scene.

The trend lecture will cover 3 Future Ways of Living 2020 which will be translated afterwards in an interactive food installation stimulating all six senses.

We’d like to show you how trends can be transformed and do not necessarily have to stay on a screen after a conference. Though the trend talk will be inspirational, offer value and much food for thought, the idea of living these trends somehow afterwards was the main idea when we came up with our Trends&Food concept.

Barcelona Design Week 2019-Elsa Yranzo-Eclectic Trends

Elsa Yranzo

We will publish the event in a few days. Meanwhile, here goes the first information:

Barcelona Design Week 2019 – 3 Future Ways of Living – a trends&food experience

Where: Barcelona

When: 18.06.2019

Schedule: 10am – 1pm

Language: castellano

If you want to be notified first since we do not have many spots, please let us know here.


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