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Barcelona diaries: chalk paint classes | Before and after

I have attended a couple of weeks ago a chalk painting course ( if you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been abusing a bit with many pics) and have been kind of addicted to it since. I have decided to make a break now since everything I could get ahold of was about to get a new colour.

Neus is a wonderful teacher at All Washi Tape Talleres and I really recommend you try a course with her (she offers different techniques) if you happen to live around.

chalk paint classes | Eclectic Trends (1).jpg

Chalk painting is just so easy, no need of sanding, the thick paints are so pleasant to work with, they don’t smell and the colour palette is amazing. Those colours have been developed by Annie Sloan and you can find them at many stockists.

chalk paint classes before |Eclectic Trends.jpg

The Duck Egg Blue is clearly my favorite color. Once you wax it 24hrs later, it gets slightly darker.

chalk paint classes after | Eclectic Trends

Here you see some of the pieces I painted such as the twisted wooden stool, a vase, the icon wooden hand and a tree trunk found some years ago in a forest. Ah, yes, the bamboo ladder looks fab in my bathroom as a towel holder. And you should see the bed side tables and… :-)

chalk paint classes terracotta| Eclectic Trends

chalk paint classes white hand |Eclectic Trends

Since terracotta is now the new trend, I had to try it out, it is called Scandinavian Pink . The white paint is called Pure White and is just perfect for mixing up other colors!

How about some extra inspiration?

6 Responses

  1. That duck egg blue is so nice! I happen to stumble upon so many places lately with these kind of pastel green and minty hues of blue and green. It’s a little retro but also so 2013! Also such a brilliant name: “Scandinavian pink” :) Have a lovely weekend, Gudy!

  2. Gudy, eres un amor! muchas gracias por este precioso post. Y muchas felicidades por tus proyectos son PRECIOSOS y de muy buen gusto. Un abrzo fuerte

  3. Das sind aber wirklich tolle Farbtöne! Passen sehr gut zu dir. Und ich kann gut verstehen, dass du gar nicht mehr aufhören konntest. Bambusleiter als Handtuchhalter? Klingt toll! Sobald ich ein Badezimmer habe, in das eine Leiter passt, werde ich daran denken!

  4. Hello Gudy!

    A lovely post with lovely photos as ever, I love the duck egg blue very much. And look at those glorious beams of sunshine – you lucky girl!

    Best wishes,
    Louisa x

  5. Looks like a fun course. Attended Louisa’s MTB course recently and it was brilliant. I need to paint my oak table – chalk paints look like a great option.

  6. I can see why you’d be addicted, especially if no sanding is involved. I wish I knew about this paint before I purchased some for a cabinet. I’ve been putting it off since January because of al of the prep work. That vase/pot plant stand is fabulous! M x

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