Barcelona Style: A pop-up shop called Dînatoire

Dînatoire, a common French name according to the owner, is the topic of this Winter’s pop-up shop located in the Born area (c/Comerç) of Barcelona.



You’ll find at this location a new topic every 2 month, they close then for a few days and open up again with fresh concepts and product.



Dînatoire offers still until January, 15th beautiful and accessible products all biodegradable from wooden Scandinavian collections to paper products from Japan and those spoons made in Thailand.



Everything is related to food and tableware, a concept that will still remain at the next opening in February and reinforced by Italian label Variopinte and their colorful enamel collections.



I like a lot the idea of having a location and present every 2-3 month a new theme and  collections I’d curate and decorate.  How about you? Any interesting pop-up shop concepts you have seen lately?

How about some extra inspiration?

10 Responses

  1. I wish I could be there and visit – though it’s probably a good thing for my bank balance that I can’t… It all looks gorgeous, but the spoons from Thailand are probably my favourites. It reminds me a little of Nom Living, a gorgeous shop here in London. x

  2. Beautiful little things, and the space looks interesting, too! I’d love to see an eclectic trends pop-up store…

  3. This pop-up looks just gorgeous Gudy. We found a great one in Carnaby street just before ~Christmas and I think they’re a really brilliant idea. I would SO love to be part of something like this and start designing again-although what???!!! xx

  4. Pop-ups are a great idea to test the waters and not commit to a full out store. I think they are very cool. Louis Vuitton, though on a much greater scale, has what they are calling a pop-up Adventure shop in Paris. This is a fun concept and as quickly as people’s fast changes this only makes these store so much more fun to stumble upon. :)

    1. Hi Lisa, actually the pop-up concept responds very well to the fast rotating taste and hunger for new inspirations we have been falling for. So, really interesting on one side and a bit worrying on the other. Thanks for the tip, I will google it.

  5. What a cool pop-up.. loving everything in there.
    I’m a big fan of pop-ups because they tend to be more creative and interesting.

    One of the cleverest pop-up concepts I know is something called: The Poundshop. These 2 graphic designers find a space, get cool brands to sponsor the decorating and sell products starting at £1 up to £5 or £10 (can’t remember)

    If you Google you will find it… happy New Year Gudy! x

  6. No me pude resistir!!! La ví cuando paseaba por el Born y la acababan de inaugurar. Me llevé varias cositas…Ya sabes, puede conmigo, cosas bonitas y funcionales!!!!



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